The Brent Ozar Black Friday Sale is Open Now.

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It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the year….

You’re a database professional who wants to up your game. You’ve been stuck at home this year, and next year isn’t looking much better. You can’t attend in-person training classes, but you desperately need the training.

You’re facing bigger and bigger data problems.
You’re dealing with more and more queries.
The queries are getting more complex.

You want to learn how to master SQL Server index tuning, query plans, parameter sniffing, columnstore indexes, and wait statistics.

Your time is now.

Now you can get the stuff you’ve always wanted – at a price your manager can live with:

Update 2021/12/01 – the Black Friday Sale is over.

Sales are open until December 1. When the calendar flips over to December, sales are over, and you’ll never be able to buy a Live Class Season Pass again.

For prices this low, the only way to buy is online with a credit card or Paypal. If you wanna play around with invoices, purchase orders, wires, checks, Bitcoin, or trading in your old Toyota, you can contact us for an invoice, but it’ll be at regular price, not the sales price.

For groups of 10 or more of the above Level 1/2/3 bundles, email us at and we can make the checkout process easier. In your email, include the bundle you want to buy and the list of emails you want to enroll. For smaller groups, you can just walk through the checkout process online once per student.

Taxes are handled automatically during checkout. If you’re buying for a business that needs tax info or exemptions, fill out the business’s info during the checkout process. An email is sent to you during checkout – that’s the only invoice & receipt that we generate. If your accountants want something else on the invoice & receipt, your best bet is to print that email to PDF and then add the information you need.

Enough with the logistics! This is your year, and it’s the last year you can catch me for a year of straight classes with the Live Class Season Pass. I’m really excited to go out with a bang, and I can’t wait to see y’all in class.

Update 2021/12/01 – the Black Friday Sale is over.

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