Why I Teach Training Classes on Weekends (the next one starts Friday)

You have a day job.

And your day job comes with two big problems.

Problem #1: it’s hard to pay attention during the week. Your calendar has tons of meetings scheduled for the foreseeable future, and you can’t just reschedule them whenever you want. Even when you’re not booked in a meeting, people are constantly pinging you for stuff, servers are going down, and you just can’t focus on a training class. You turn your head to solve one urgent issue, and then bam, when you turn back to class, you’re lost.

Problem #2: some of you don’t get paid to learn. Some of you are consultants, contractors, or freelancers, and when you take time off during the week, you’re not getting paid for it. Some of you are even paying for my training out of your own pockets, and your companies won’t give you time off to learn. You’re investing in yourself because you want to eventually get a better job, and you want to be more valuable to future employees. That’s also why we provide certificates of attendance to the classes, too. When you get a Live Class Season Pass, you can attend so many of my classes and learn so much, and that looks absolutely spectacular on a resume. It’s huge bang for the buck.

That’s why I teach my weekend Mastering classes. They’re the exact same in-depth Mastering classes with challenging hands-on VMs, but I run them over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday instead of during the week. I teach a couple of weekend rotations per year, and the next one starts this Friday:

Or, if you prefer weekday rotation, the next one is:

Weekend students – especially the consultants & contractors – also tell me they love the Instant Replays included with the Live Class Season Pass. When they hit a tough problem at work, they can pop open that particular module, start watching the recording, read through the slides, and run through the demo scripts. It’s like just-in-time learning, all year long.

Buy today, and you can start your learning journey Friday. You can show up to work better on Monday. Let’s do this!

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