My 2020 Black Friday Sale is Open Now.

Every year, I run a huge Black Friday sale to reward my regular readers who need to save money, and can afford to wait until something special. This, this is something special:

Level 1: Fundamentals
Level 2 for 2 Years

They all include a year of both SQL ConstantCare® and The Consultant Toolkit, two apps that make it easier for you to understand what’s happening on your SQL Server and help make it go faster. I did this because some companies will only pay for software – not training – and this way, you can say, “I’m buying software.”

If you want me to set up a cloud VM for you during the Mastering classes, check out the Live Class Season Pass with VMs or the Level 3 Bundle.

Registration is open now, and it’s open all November. The prices won’t get any lower during the course of the month – I wanted to give as much of a time window as I could for those of y’all who work for companies that move slowly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend live classes? Read the Live Class Logistics page, and then check out the list of upcoming classes. There’s an iCal link next to each one so you can add it to your calendar.

Can we pay via check, purchase order, or wire? Yes. During checkout online, choose the “Check, Wire, or Purchase Order” payment option. Make your check payable to Brent Ozar Unlimited and mail it to 9450 SW Gemini Drive, ECM #45779, Beaverton, OR 97008. Your payment must be received before we activate your training. We do not accept POs as payment unless they are also accompanied with a check. For wiring instructions, email me at For a W9 form:

Can we get discounts for group buys? Not during the Black Friday sale: these prices are as low as I go all year.

Will you fill out paperwork or generate a quote? To keep costs low during the Black Friday sales, we don’t do any manual paperwork. To get these awesome prices, you’ll need to check out through the site and use the automatically generated PDF invoices. Send the copy of the invoice in with your check, and we’ll contact you to set up access for your staff. Or, if you absolutely need us to fill out paperwork or generate a quote, we’d be happy to do it at our regular (non-sale) prices – email me at

Do you sell to the EU/EEA? No, due to the GDPR.

Will the subscription automatically renew? By default yes, but you can turn that off. After you buy, go to My Subscriptions, click View next to your subscription, and turn off auto-renewal.

Got a different question? Email me at

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