Unveiling the 2020 Black Friday Sale Lineup

I love Black Friday sales.

I would never normally just go buy a TV out of nowhere – unless mine was broken or something – but as Black Friday approaches, I find myself scanning all the upcoming ads, reading reviews, and comparing features. It’s a fun diversion, and gives me an excuse to avoid work for a while. After all, these are time-sensitive – I gotta get in while I can, right?

Listen, this year, I’ll take any fun diversions I can get.

I figure y’all need a fun diversion too, so here comes a Black Friday sale on SQL Server training & online services.

I can’t just run it on Black Friday alone, though, because I know a lot of y’all have corporate politics that require running a lot of stuff past managers. So let’s get the party started by unveiling the menu of bundles to choose from:

Level 1: Fundamentals
Level 2 for 2 Years

Why bundles? Because some companies are only allowed to buy software, and some are only allowed to buy training. This way, since the bundles include all of the above, you can mark ’em up for accounting as either software or accounting or online services – whichever one floats your boat – and then you get to play with everything.

Individual items will be over 50% off too, so if you’re pinching pennies, it’s a great time to pick up a Live Class Season Pass, SQL ConstantCare®, or the Masters Class Recordings.

The 2-year membership option is new this year because so many of my students have been renewing. This way, you can buy just once, and get an even deeper discount. Plus, if you’re asking the boss for money, you only have to ask once instead of twice.

And I know EU folks are gonna ask, but no, due to the GDPR. I really wanted to get that nailed down this year, but when the EU struck down the Privacy Shield law, I stopped trying. They’ve gotta get their act together before I can even try to maintain compliance with changing laws.

Registration opens November 1, and closes December 1. See you in class!

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  • Luis Vibranovski
    October 29, 2020 8:23 am

    Hi, my wife made me a question when I was telling her that I’ll be join the Master Classes (bundle 2). She asked: “Do they give certificate to put on the CV?”.
    Well, it is a good idea, isn’t it?

  • I hate the EU and the GDPR!!!!!

  • Hi Brent, Will there be an purchase option for EU users?

  • Hi Brent,

    Does the level 2 for 995$ includes Masters Class Recordings. I am planning to buy level 2 pass but curious if i need to buy Masters Class Recordings separately. I would love to through the masters class recording whenever needed.

    • * I would love to go through the masters class recording whenever needed.*

    • Oh.. I found in the details of live class, all recordings are available for next 12 months. So i’m good. I don’t need to buy Masters Class Recordings separately

  • I bought it last year… Only consumed 30% content and still my sql game is to another level. I can confidently solve n amswer to the performance problems while dealing with 20+ sql environments!

    One of the best investments and I hate it there was no option for ‘2 year’ subscription last year.

    Lots of respect n love for Brent from Pakistan

  • Damn GDPR, I really want that 2 year deal right up my ally that with other commitments.

    • Is there anything which we can get in the EU @Brent Ozar or is it an all or nothing thing?

      • Anthony – no, sorry, as I wrote in the post, I have no plans to sell to the EU at this time.

        • Given that you already have my personal details as a result of both signing up, and a purchase prior to GDPR, I’m really rather disappointing/ frustrated that I can no longer purchase your training – and moreso that you appear to consider EU customers to not be worth the time to accommodate.

          • Jason – I’ve got good news, bad news, and great news.

            The good news is that SQL Server, like many databases, has a command you can use to remove data. It’s called delete. It’s helpful when you need to purge old data, like when laws like the GDPR come into effect. It’s pretty awesome!

            The bad news: I’m afraid I don’t offer training classes on it. Nothing against delete – I use it myself all the time – but I tend to focus on more advanced classes. (If you didn’t know about the delete command, my classes probably aren’t a good fit.)

            But I’ve got great news! Microsoft has completely free training available on delete:

            And it sounds like you’re at the point of your career where you can take advantage of that free training. Enjoy that, and best of luck on your journey!

          • Jason Musgrove
            November 9, 2020 3:16 am

            Brent – thanks for the advice an support! That “delete” thing looks totally amazeballs – way easier to use than “merge into / when matched delete”, and probably a whole lot quicker than copying the entire table into a temporary table, truncating the original, and then copying all but the record to be removed back into it (are there any other “bad idea jeans” thoughts on how to delete a record without “delete”?).

            Joking aside – I am a fan of your content; I regularly find the blog interesting and on point, and have recommended it and your free classes such as “How to Think Like the Database Engine” to colleagues.

          • 😉

  • Is there an option for only “Recorded Class Season Pass”?

  • How about the UK? We formally left the EU on 31 Jan 2020!


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