[Video] Free DBA Training Month: Configuring TempDB, Lock Pages in Memory, and the DAC

While you’re stuck inside wondering if you’ll ever be able to attend a user group meeting again, I’m giving you free access to training materials that your boss probably wouldn’t have been nice enough to buy you anyway. So far this week, we’ve covered DBCC CHECKDB, how to set up Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts, and restoring for oops deletes. Today, let’s talk about two common configuration issues. Don’t dilly-dally on these though: these blog posts will be online during May only, and they’ll disappear on June 1.

How to Configure TempDB (9m)

We joke that it’s like SQL Server’s public toilet, and just like a public toilet, you can make it a much nicer place if you … okay, you can’t make it much nicer. A little nicer, maybe.

Configuring and Using the Dedicated Admin Connection (DAC) (7m)

When you’re really desperate – no seriously, this isn’t a public toilet joke – and you need to get access to the SQL Server, and it’s not responding to connection requests, the Dedicated Admin Connection is like a…whoa, it’s like a public toilet, isn’t it? This is deep.

Configuring Lock Pages in Memory (6m)

This one’s shorter and sweeter – although isn’t everything sweeter than a public toilet – because maybe you shouldn’t actually configure this one. Erik talks about the pros and cons:


If you enjoy these, check out Erik Darling’s new performance tuning training classes and sign up for his newsletter.

Tomorrow, we’ll cover one of my favorite topics: patching SQL Server.

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  • Konstantin Taranov
    May 14, 2020 2:29 pm

    Hi, Brent. Great thanks for awesome videos, could you fix broken link to how to set up Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts?

  • bhushan dhanke
    May 20, 2020 6:36 pm

    Great Thanks for awesome video. It’s really helps to clear some basic doubts.
    I have one doubt for TempDB configuration.
    When i create multiple files and in this I am keeping primary growth as unlimited and remaining growth set to limited.
    Will this cause the performance issue.

    • Bhushan – why are you doing that?

      • bhushan dhanke
        May 21, 2020 11:24 am

        Thanks Brent for revert. In my environment one of architect did that setup and as I am new to setup I pinpoint that it’s shild not be like that but I got answer that it’s recommended by Microsoft. It’s quite weired I heard saw and heard. That’s why I clearing my doubt.


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