[Video] Free DBA Training Month: Restores for Oops Deletes

While you’re stuck inside wondering if you’ll ever be able to attend a user group meeting again, I’m giving you free access to training materials that your boss probably wouldn’t have been nice enough to buy you anyway. So far this week, we’ve covered DBCC CHECKDB and how to set up Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts, and today let’s talk about restores. Don’t dilly-dally on these though: these blog posts will be online during May only, and they’ll disappear on June 1.

Restoring With Standby (10m)

If you want to restore a database and query it, and leave it still able to perform additional log restores even after you run a query, you’ll want to learn how the WITH STANDBY option works:

Handling “Oops” Deletes (17m)

You’ll use that standby technique to pull off one of the most common restore requirements: saving someone’s job after they forgot to highlight the WHERE clause. Let’s keep this simple and say that there are no parent/child relationships, no other tables affected by cascading deletes, and the business is willing to permanently lose all inserts added to the table after the “oops” incident.

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Tomorrow, we’ll cover common configuration issues like TempDB, the remote DAC, and Lock Pages in Memory.

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  • Konstantin Taranov
    May 14, 2020 2:29 pm

    Hi, Brent. Great thanks for good videos, could you fix broken link to how to set up Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts?


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