[Video] Free DBA Training Month: Checking For Corruption

For the last couple of months, I’ve been giving away all kinds of free online training to help y’all stay busy and raise your skills during the quarantines. March and April were all about performance tuning, so let’s change things up during May and talk about database administration. I’m already doing a bunch of free live classes in May, but let’s keep the sharing going.

This week, I’m sharing the most popular modules of Fundamentals of Database Administration by Erik Darling, a smart fella with his own YouTube channel full of free videos too.  Don’t dilly-dally on these though: these blog posts will be online during May only, and they’ll disappear on June 1.

Today, let’s learn about DBCC CHECKDB. This particular class is broken up into a few different modules with different audiences – you’re not meant to watch all 3, but just pick the one(s) most relevant to you.

DBCC CHECKDB When You Don’t Have a Full Time DBA (19 minutes)

In the words of Morten Harket: “It’s much better to be safe than sorry.” A-ha by any other name is basically unrecognizable. Sort of like finding corruption without running CHECKDB. Users will be all like “my query failed” and you’ll be like “oh it’s lunchtime and my grandma’s on fire, bye!”

Watch this video to learn all about what DBCC CHECKDB does, how often you should run it, and some helpful advice on dealing with corruption:


DBCC CHECKDB for Full Time DBAs (25m)

Not losing data is like literally half your job description. The other half is never sleeping and being in perpetual competition with yourself to learn more about SQL. The ride never ends. Hopefully your DBCC CHECKDB job does, though. Without errors. Hey! We all have dreams. Erik’s usually involve being the only person on a spaceship.

Watch this video to be better at your DBA job:


DBCC CHECKDB for Very Large Databases (30m)

“All they know is that a database has exploded” the news reporter will say grimly, staring into the camera while a ticker rolls across the bottom of the screen announcing over and over again that (YOUR NAME HERE) has lost several terabytes of irreplaceable data. Family heirloom data. For charity. Orphans. Big-eyed baby animals who look like they’re crying.

In this video, you’ll learn how to avoid all that by running DBCC CHECKDB when dealing with terabyte-sized databases. That means splitting up checks, running a different type of check, and even offloading checks to another server.

If you enjoy these, check out Erik Darling’s new performance tuning training classes and sign up for his newsletter.

Tomorrow, we’ll cover how to set up email alerts and Ola Hallengren’s maintenance solution.

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