Free Fundamentals of Query Tuning Week: Part 5, Common T-SQL Anti-Patterns

While you play Chopped with the ingredients in your cupboard (“Today’s ingredients are rice, beans, and hand sanitizer”), I’m giving away free training. So far, we’ve covered building a query plan, how to find the right queries to tune, how parameters influence cached plans, and improving cardinality estimation accuracy. Make sure to keep up with the series – on April 1, these posts will magically disappear.

If you’ve been enjoying this free week of fundamentals, and your company’s on lockdown for the foreseeable future, now’s the time to talk to your boss about leveraging that training budget. You can get started learning right now, regardless of what happens with the travel & conference season through the rest of the year. I offer a series of expensive 3-day classes:

But you, dear reader, are too smart to pay full price. You can score my Live Class Season Pass for $995 or the recordings of the Mastering classes for $795. Use coupon code ReallyBadWeek for another 10% off that price, and I’ll donate 10% of the sales to Doctors Without Borders. Now, on to this week’s final episode.

So far, we’ve covered how to find your server’s most resource-intensive queries, and you’ve opened their execution plans to figure out where the estimates vs actuals go wrong. Now, learn what T-SQL anti-patterns cause the estimates to go wrong.


Demo Script



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