Wanna Learn How I Use the First Responder Kit?

How I Use the First Responder KitMy newest class, How I Use the First Responder Kit, has been going great – but there’s a catch. I designed this class as a mix of training and consulting, so I’m giving you advice on your server as we go.

Because of that, I can only fit so many people (around 50) per class.

But I’ve been getting really good feedback from attendees who said that they even got value out of just sitting in the class, even when they weren’t getting advice on their servers. They just liked seeing how I use the scripts, and seeing how I interpreted other folks’ data.

So if you can get value from just the recordings, then great – I’ve added this class to your Recorded Class Season Pass. If you’re a pass holder, you can now jump right in to the instant replay recordings.

And it’s free. Enjoy!

If you’re not a pass holder yet, you can use coupon code StartWatching to save 50% off the Recorded Class Season Pass or the Level 1 Bundle for the next 10 days. See you in class!

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