My annual Black Friday sale starts tomorrow. Here’s what you wanna know.

The time is almost here – the moment you’ve been waiting for all year. I’ve sharpened my pencils to take the prices as low as I can possibly take ’em:

Level 1: Fundamentals
Level 3: Live Classes With Lab VM

They all include a year of both SQL ConstantCare® and The Consultant Toolkit, two apps that make it easier for you to understand what’s happening on your SQL Server and help make it go faster. I did this because some companies will only pay for software – not training – and this way, you can say, “I’m buying software.”

So which one should you get?

If this is your first SQL Server training,
and you’ve never bought a class before, then start with Level 1: Fundamentals. You get access to dozens of hours of my recorded training classes including the Fundamentals of Index Tuning, Query Tuning, Database Administration, and more. If your company’s really cheap, you can even say, “I’m getting SQL ConstantCare and The Consultant Toolkit software so I can troubleshoot tough problems with the exact same tools Brent uses, and he’s throwing in training for free!”

If you’ve been to SQL Saturdays and conferences,
and you’re ready to start learning much tougher material, really mastering performance start to finish, step up to Level 3. This gets you all of my live online classes for a year straight, including my tough-as-nails Mastering Index Tuning, Mastering Query Tuning, and Mastering Server Tuning. These are the only classes in the industry where you’re challenged with real, live running workloads, and you have to turn around performance quickly to show what you’ve learned. For just $1,995, you get to take these classes repeatedly, all year long! It’s an amazing deal.

But if you really want to save a lot of money,
grab Level 2: Live Classes, No VM. You’ll have to build your own lab VM to follow along with the exercises, but you can save a ton of money doing it. You get absolutely the same quality experience, and the same running workloads – but it’s just your hardware instead of mine. This is a whole year of really in-depth training classes for less than what it’d cost for a conference hotel room, let alone the conference!

I worked hard to cut expenses as deeply as I could to make Level 2 possible. It’s one heck of a deal, and I’m excited to see if that helps y’all get it approved by managers.

Got questions? Hit the Black Friday page and I’ve written up the most common answers, or you can also leave a comment here too.

Registration opens tomorrow, and it’s open all November. The prices won’t get any lower during the course of the month -I wanted to give as much of a time window as I could for those of y’all who work for big, slow companies. And no, you can’t pay with an IOU – it’s credit cards only during these deep discounts, so get your move on!

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