57% of Your Bosses Are Cheap. (Well, maybe 100% of your boss in particular.)

You know what I’ve noticed about companies?

Some companies buy tools for you, but they just don’t have a training budget. They believe they hired you to solve problems, and you should have come with the knowledge to get your job done – if not, why’d they hire you?

Other companies buy training classes for you, but they just won’t buy you anything to make your job easier. They believe you should invent the wheel yourself and come up with whatever tools you need to get your job done. Hey, that’s what open source is all about, right? Shouldn’t you just be able to cobble something together?

And 32% of companies, well, they just won’t spend money at all. Based on the completely unscientific poll I took on Twitter, 32% of you work at companies that won’t buy you training OR tools. After all, that’s why a bunch of y’all are here, reading blogs, using the free First Responder Kit, devouring every free webcast I do. You’re struggling, you’re under-appreciated, or maybe you’re just working for a company that’s barely holding it together, and you’re lucky to have a job.

Sure, there are a few great companies out there that sit down with their employees every year, make a long term training & tools plan, and then make sure there’s enough money in the budget to get you everything you need. I’ve got a few of those companies as clients, and I absolutely love ’em. They treat their staff well, and their staff are raving fans, staying at the company all the way through their retirement.

But odds are, you’re not working for one of those.

I wanna help you get what you want.

When I started planning this year’s Black Friday sales, I realized that we’re in a really unique position to help you get whatever you need – whether it’s training or tools.

If your company will buy tools but not training, then I needed to sell you the tools like SQL ConstantCare® and The Consultant Toolkit, but throw in a training class for free. For example, the regular price of these two adds up to $990. Could I discount these two during Black Friday, and get the pricing down so low that I could manage to sneak a training class in for free? Like, for around $1,000, could I give you that stuff, AND maybe either Mastering Index Tuning or Mastering Query Tuning? Or…maybe even more than one?

If your company will buy training but not tools, then I needed to sell you the Live Class Season Pass or Recorded Class Season Pass, and then throw in the tools for free. But during the Black Friday sale, I can’t just do that at regular price, because y’all expect something way, way better than that.

And if your company won’t buy either one, I needed to come up with a package so compelling that even the cheapest bosses would say, “Damn, you know what, that’s actually a really good deal. There was no way we were gonna pay thousands of bucks to send you to training – you’re just not worth it – but now, it’s so cheap that I can’t tell you you’re not worth it.”

Heck, I needed to make it so cheap that you’d be willing to invest in it for your own career. You’re tired of working for companies that don’t care about investing in your skills, and you wanna level up. You wanna get the kinds of skills that are in demand – the kind of skills that even make other consulting companies go, “Damn, we gotta hire them – they know what they’re doing.”

But for this whole scheme to work, I needed to price it low enough that whether you had a tools budget OR a training budget, you’d be able to get it in. (And ideally, get it for everybody on your team, not just you.) At the $5,995 price for the Live Class Season Pass, there was no way that was gonna happen.

So I’ve been sharpening my pencil, coming up with the deepest cost cuts I could possibly pull off without losing money on the whole thing. See, our annual Black Friday sales are very popular – very popular – amongst long-time readers. Y’all keep a close eye on the blog, you prep your managers all year long, and you even use your own personal funds in order to buy this stuff. I wanted to be able to help as many people as I could, no matter what their budgets were – even to the point where, if the company didn’t have any budget left, they could look at the price and the value and say, “Whoa, I think we can squeeze this in.”

Thursday, let’s see what I came up with.

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  • This reminds me of the story of two managers discussing training for their employees.

    Manager #1: “What if we spend money training our employees and then they leave?”

    Manager #2: “What if we don’t train our employees and they stay?”

  • Piet Henkenson
    October 30, 2019 3:46 am

    SELECT company
    FROM dbo.BrentsCustomers
    WHERE continent != ‘Europe’

    • One year ago, my boss would’ve paid for courses. As we are from EU, the budget was not spent.
      But the parent company is based in Turkey, maybe I should ask them for some courses and a VPN.

      • Piet Henkenson
        October 30, 2019 7:45 am

        If you can make a fair deal, I would be intrested. 😛

        • Hahaha, thanks. Yeah, it just comes down to spending my time increasing the value for 95% of my customers, and growing that base, versus working to meet the regulatory & compliance requirements for 5% of my customers. (When we sold training in the EU, only 5% of our revenue came from the EU.) Every hour that I spend working on the 5% doesn’t pay off as much as growing the 95% base. It’s tough – so many things I’d love to do as a small business person, but only so many hours in the day.

    • Listen, you’re the ones who ran:

      INSERT INTO legislation
      VALUES (‘vague with huge penalties that would bankrupt a business’);

  • Piet Henkenson
    October 30, 2019 7:43 am

    Haha! That’s totally true. I don’t blame you for it by the way… i would have done the same thing in your position. Maybe I should file a request at the European Union to do a ROLLBACK TRANSACTION on that GDPR; please cancel it o dear beloved EU commission, because we want training from Brent! 😛


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