You read reviews before you buy training, right?

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Confession time: I love buying stuff.

It’s not so much the buying as it is the comparing. I go to The Wirecutter, I read every review on Amazon, and I make little Excel spreadsheets to show differences between products.

So what about when you buy database training? Do you read the reviews? If you’ve been considering classes at a local center, do yourself a favor and read their Yelp reviews.

Customers tell me that they’ve been to training classes at local companies only to find out:

  • The instructor was just reading from a book somebody else wrote
  • The material was outdated
  • The instructor couldn’t answer detailed questions because they had never done the job they were trying to teach
  • The class focused on passing certification tests that didn’t match up to real-world problems

Our training is way ahead.

We’re proud that we know our stuff, we do these jobs for a living, and we love answering questions from students. That’s why we encourage past students to post reviews on our training classes, and they say things like:

“What an fun, fact filled, enjoyable class. I’ve been avoiding PowerShell for years. Wish now I hadn’t. The way Drew steps through things is really helpful. Everything builds on something else and ends up with a very practical application of the tool being used with SQL Server.” – Jay Falck about PowerShell for Database Administrators

“As they say the proof is in the pudding. Using techniques and queries from this class I was able to increase performance 3 fold, decrease the database size 2 fold. The primary lesson learned was throw out everything you thought you knew about indexing, (start from scratch..delete all your existing indexes..ugh) and most pointedly forget anything about index profiling you “learned” from Microsoft. These are paramount concepts in database indexing and are a must for every DBA or software developer.” – Carl Bondeson about Practical Real World Performance Tuning

Dashboard in a Day

“Great class! I knew practically nothing about Power BI before the class other than how to use the FirstResponderKit Power BI template. Lab section was constructed in a way that everyone could go at their own speed and while I was able to complete in the allotted time, I will be repeating the process several more times to gain proficiency. I would like to request a follow up class where we could present our work with specific questions and/or an Advanced class to build on what we learned. Well worth the expense! Many thanks to Steph and Oz and also to Brent for making it possible.” – Greg Smith about Dashboard in a Day

“As a self employed BI professional in small projects, I tend to figure it out all by myself. I used this course to assert my own build, integrate and deploy solution. Alex Yates is a great teacher and he inspired me to adapt to best practices. As a bonus, you learn to appreciate the Red Gate SQL Server tools.” – Frans van der Geer about Database DevOps

Mastering Query Tuning

“Brent is a truly amazing instructor. I always find myself glued to my monitor during class in awe at how knowledgeable he is and how he can explain things so clearly and make each subject that he teaches so interesting. He always knows how to deliver the material in a fun and unique way that helps to more easily grasp the ideas and concepts. Erik and Brent are a great team and I found myself learning so much from them along with laughing out loud throughout the training which makes these classes not only full of great information but delivered in an exciting and entertaining way. These classes are NEVER dry, dull, or boring.” – Heather Hahn about Mastering Query Tuning

And here’s what Bert Wagner said:

I love our classes.

But don’t take my word for it. Go read the reviews.

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