You probably didn’t go to a training class this year. Again.

“Can someone just give me a tl;dr?”

The year is drawing to a close, and you didn’t go to a training class.


Your skills aren’t keeping up. You keep bookmarking blog posts about new database stuff, interesting scripts you want to run, and techniques you want to try. Your list of stuff to read just keeps getting longer.

You try to get to user group meetings and a SQLSaturday every now and then, but the scheduling and timing is just so tough. Even when you get there, you only get a 1-hour brief burst of material, and it’s just not enough. You need a lot more information, and you wanna go deeper.

You can’t get travel approval, so you see the cool kids going to conferences and having a great time, but there’s just no way you can join ’em. Even if you could, you’d find out that when you’re there, your job duties don’t stop – you still end up getting called for urgent problems, which means you have to step out of sessions you really wanted to attend. Since the sessions aren’t videotaped, you just miss ’em forever.

It’s time for you to try a new approach.

If you don’t want to get left behind, you’ve gotta break out of those habits that aren’t working, and try something new. You have to find a way to sharpen your skills in small chunks throughout the year, on a schedule that works for you. It has to deal with the realities that your job simply isn’t going to stop, and that you don’t learn by sitting in a crowded room, taking notes.

You need to solve urgent problems. Sure, theoretical internals are interesting, but you’ve just run out of time to keep up with those. You want to focus on the most important stuff that you can put to use right away in your production environment.

You want to be able to learn the topics you want, at the times you need. You would prefer live classes, but sometimes you just need to be able to dive into a video covering a specific topic that you need right now. With the Instant Replay videos of our classes, you can start watching a recorded version of the class right away, jumping to specific topics.

When you can, you want a real live class. You want to block out a few days on your calendar, have a live webcast going, and be able to ask questions. You want to ask the instructor to deviate from the schedule, go off topic for a while, and explore a concept you’re really interested in.

But you’re going to get busy – and that’s okay. Life is going to interfere during the class, and you’re going to have an urgent call or production outage. You want to be able to leave the webcast up (or close it), and later, come back to the recordings to see the topics you missed.

It’s time for you to try one of our live online classes.

Check out our live training class catalog and I bet you’ll find something that management would really love for you to learn, like:

Then forward that link to management and say:

Just a quick heads up – Brent Ozar Unlimited is going to be running a big Black Friday sale starting November 1st on this class. I’ve run out of easy buttons to push, and this class will help me start solving our tougher problems faster. Does this look like a good investment?

Let’s do this. Let’s make this the year that your company starts investing in your career.

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