Training Week: Announcing Ben Miller’s PowerShell for DBAs: Level 2

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PowerShell for DBAs

Drew Furgiuele‘s PowerShell for DBAs class has been getting rave reviews, including:

“Fantastic class! This is the best online training I’ve ever taken. Very slick setup using the webinar for learning, an AWS VM for labs, and slack for interacting with the class. This course teaches more than just PowerShell for SQL Server – the general training on day 1 will leave you ready to tackle anything with PowerShell. Drew is a great instructor” – Grant Schulte

“I’ve been wanting to add PowerShell to my DBA toolbelt. This class was exactly what I needed. The instructor, Drew, knows his stuff and is well-known in the SQL Server community. If you want to learn PowerShell for SQL Server, start here.” – Kevin Kelso

“I really enjoyed this class! I knew very little PowerShell and was intimidated when looking at scripts I found online. I feel much more comfortable trying my hand at PowerShell after taking this class. Drew was a great instructor, and I thought the material, demos, and labs were all very good. I also appreciate that the class recordings are available – I had to miss part of the class due to some work issues.” – Lois Scarane

I could go on and on – the reviews certainly do, and if you’re interested, you should check ’em out. Drew’s next class starts July 26th, and registration is open now.

So when Ben Miller came to us and suggested doing a Level 2 course, I was hooked. Here’s what he came up with:

PowerShell for DBAs: Level 2

Do you know some PowerShell and want to take your knowledge to the next level? Do you want a consistent way to manage your servers, databases and services without clicking?

PowerShell for DBAs: Level 2In this 2-day class you will learn to:

  • Run commands on remote servers using PowerShell Remoting
  • Set trace flags and protocols on remote servers, then restart them to take effect
  • Use WMI to get information about disk space
  • Use the SQL Server provider to navigate SQL Server within a path-like structure
  • Use PowerShell to determine the existence of objects in SQL Server
  • Learn SMO and use it to manage a SQL Server and Databases. You will learn how to change configuration properties of a server, change Database Options, add space to a database file or log and many other database management tasks.

Prerequisites: attendees should have either taken the PowerShell for DBAs course, or have 6-12 months of hands-on production PowerShell experience.

About the instructor: Ben Miller is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM). He’s been working with SQL Server in the field since 1997, including 7 years at Microsoft. He is passionate about SQL Server automation and integration, and uses PowerShell and SMO regularly.

Like all our classes, it includes Instant Replay so you can stream a recorded version of the class for a year after it finishes. Students have been raving about how helpful that is when they get pulled away from work for an emergency.

Head on over and check it out! Registration is open now for the June 11-12 class.

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