Things I Have Not Heard Recently


“No, don’t bother the DBA. It’s probably not a database problem.”

“But it says right here that it worked on my machine.”

“Solid state storage sure is overrated.”

“Thank God for auto-shrink, really saved the day again.”

“We’re not picky – you can apply updates whenever you want, whenever’s convenient.”

“The VM admin said to hold off, he thinks it’s his fault and he’s fixing it.”

“It’s okay, I thoroughly read the documentation on this feature before I decided to use it.”

“No no, I don’t need to be able to query production.”

“Our disaster recovery test went flawlessly again this quarter.”

“I just don’t understand how someone could write better queries than an ORM.”

“Money’s no object when it comes to keeping our staff’s skills sharp.”

“Definitely not real time – this report’s data could be a couple/few days old.”

“We should check with the DBA before we design this.”

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