The 2017 Company Retreat in Photos: Alaska

For our annual company retreat, we flew to Seattle, boarded the Ruby Princess, and visited Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria.

No stories or explanations – just photos. Enjoy!

Ruby Princess in Alaska

After kayaking in Chilkoot Lake

Lots of glaciers

Watching glaciers calve

Mountain goats (the caramel-colored things)

Passing a sailboat in the fog

Bear eatin’ salmon on the shore

Ketchikan harbor

Outside Haines

Whale waving goodbye – 1

Whale waving goodbye – 2

Whale waving goodbye – 3

Whale waving goodbye – 4


Whale waving goodbye – 5


Hiking in Juneau


More hiking in Juneau


Some weird trees

Not Blue Flowers


Glacier Related


Sunset in Victoria

Glacier Related

Glacier Related

Glacier Related

Glacier Related

Glacier Related

Glacier Related

Glacier Related

Glacier Related


The bar being closed

My soul leaving my body because the bar was closed


Now, where should we go next for 2018? Don’t tell us your town – that’s too obvious. Tell us where you’d want to go if you were an employee.

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  • Which i like to travel, pics are awesome

  • Wow you tower over everyone! For a company retreat, I’d go to Asheville,NC. Good weather. Lots of things to do.

  • I’d want to go to Tahiti, it’s a magical place.

  • If I were an employee, then I’d vote would be for either Singapore or Hong Kong!

  • If I were a BOU team member, I would bring up two destinations – Banff CA (summer or fall), and a bit farther out – Tuscany, IT.
    Thanks to your entire team for all you do for the SQL community! I learn something from your team every day, and your sense of humor is right up my alley.

  • Really Beautiful pics, but I have to ask, please explain the Canadian Customs Thing to a poor Brit?

    • Rob – we didn’t understand it either (and I don’t think the ship’s staff did.) They let us take booze off the bar, but they weren’t allowed to lift a finger to help while we were in port. Really odd.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland for the amazing landscapes.

  • Wherever Richie feels the coldest. Point Barrow, Siberia, Mars, whatever.

  • Depending on your collective willingness to rough it, maybe the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. I’ve been a couple of times and it’s really great to be out of touch from everything for a week. If planning such a thing seems daunting, there are plenty of outfitters/tour companies that will give you as much or as little help as you need.

    In other news, from the itinerary you presented, it sounds like you all were on the same ship/voyage that my parents were on. My sister and I surprised them with that trip for their 40th anniversary. And I got the idea of sending them from one of Brent’s Epic Life Quest™ line items. It seems the circle is complete.

    • Ben – no, we don’t rough it, heh. The roughest I go is having to mix my own drinks (and even then, I just end up drinking straight tequila.)

    • And really funny about the parental gift! That’s so awesome. That’s still one of my favorite gifts that I’ve ever given my parents – those are so fulfilling.

  • Madeira, Portugal

  • An cruise around the greek islands

  • You should go to the Russia Steppe I would vote for that if I work working with you guys.

  • It looks amazing.

    Baja California for next year?

  • I second Italy. We did a ten day trip to Rome and Venice, with a side trip down the Amalfi coast into Pompeii for the day. It was incredible.

  • Theodore Locke
    September 5, 2017 8:39 am

    Should have taken the trip to Fairbanks, AK. Seen Mt. Denali (McKinley), seen a few of the interior towns, seen what Alaska really is like, and visited my Alma Mater and the most northern US university, University of Alaska Fairbanks, where today it’s a balmy 43 degrees Fahrenheit. 🙂

  • I recommend the Chilean Lake District. You can hike, snow ski, kayak, bicycle, or lounge in a beautiful setting. Often compared to Switzerland for the scenery, it was settled by German speaking people, making the comparison even stronger.

  • Cinque Terre

  • Seeing as the retreat seems to happen around August every year, I’m going to suggest something a little more laid-back. Mackinac Island, Michigan. No cars on the island, just horses, bicycles, and two feet. From Mackinac, you can day trip over to Traverse City, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, Sault Ste Marie, the Whitefish Pointe Lighthouse (home of the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald,) or Tahquamenon Falls State Park.
    There’s apparently a fair number of wineries over by Traverse City as you folks seem to enjoy your wines.
    The only downside to staying on the island is, it’s an island, so if you want to day trip somewhere you need to pay the ferry tolls (not to bad, really) to get back to the mainland and your cars.

    • oh Geez – Mackinac Island.. been there… Come to think of it Brent, you might have been there too… we were only there for a few hours, but gosh it was nice, and a respite from what we were going through… would love to go again.

  • Go to NYC and attend a Broadway/Late Night show and the best dining every day.

  • After a cloudy somewhat damp yet beautiful trip to the Alaskan panhandle your staff deserves some sunshine. Try the Caribbean. Not only is it sunny with beautiful blue waters but after the hurricanes they are going to need your tourist dollars.

  • Cuba. Because you can.

  • Galapalos Islands!

  • South Africa…go on safari!