First Responder Kit Release: Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Wonderful


No one.

Appreciate doesn’t rhyme with seven.

Special thanks to @JohnKNess, @jsetliffe, @rabryst, @gdoddsy and @SOlsonFAC for various levels of contribution. I’ve made a $10,000 donation in each of your names to the Erik Darling Home For Little Wanderers. Very thoughtful of me.

You can download the updated here.

sp_Blitz Improvements

  • #878 The Irascible Mr. @JohnKNess fixed some things so maintenance plans and jobs that shrink things and are enabled have a higher priority than jobs that are disabled, taking into account last runtime. Pretty cool! Now we can all point and laugh at your shrinkage.

sp_BlitzCache Improvements

  • #968 Adds detection and warning for Index Spools. Only the Eager kind. Why? Paul White said so. Fun fact: He was in a band called The Lazy Spools in high school. I had the XQuery written to add the check for Eagerness, but then my XML Dad Mikael Eriksson suggested an alternative. So I went with it just because. Special thanks to #SQLNEWBLOGGER Joe Obbish for suggesting reasonable thresholds, here.

sp_BlitzFirst Improvements

  • #928 PLE may go up, and it may go down. We were only looking for one of those directions. Now we’re looking in both of those directions. Thanks to @TaraKizer for pointing that out!

sp_BlitzIndex Improvements

  • #937 If you restarted your server a year ago and created a table a month ago, missing index requests for it may be terribly underrepresented. Like me at AA meetings. Now we take table creation date into account when determining missing index benefit.

sp_BlitzWho Improvements

  • #895 Adds session level wait stats for 2016+ using sys.dm_exec_session_wait_stats to grab the top 3 waits with >5ms time accumulated.
  • #942 Adds a @Debug option to print out dynamic SQL. Helpful if you’re me.
  • #926 Adds tempdb allocations! So you can see how horrible that is now, too.
  • #921 Adds Resource Governor information, for both of you crazy kids out there using Resource Governor. Thanks to @djlaney3 for the idea and code submission!

sp_DatabaseRestore Improvements

  • This underwent a bit of reconstructive surgery to bring it inline with our ‘coding standards’ (read: I had to look busy one day, so I rearranged a bunch of stuff and made sure all our strings were Unicode). No behavior was harmed during this change.


  • #906 Fixes an issue with dynamic SQL around the encrypted backup check. Thanks to @jsetliffe
  • #909 Clarified language around backup compression and supported versions. Thanks to @rabryst for showing us the error of our loose-tongued ways.
  • #911 Corrects math to determine if Diffs are big or not. Thanks to @gdoddsy and @SOlsonFAC for teaching me math.


  • #934 Fixes some weirdness when attempting to search for a specific stored procedure by name
  • #933 We are compatible with Azure! At least according to @dcurlewis. I don’t have Azure, so I can’t check. He seems trustworthy, though.
  • #968 Same as sp_BlitzCache

sp_AllNightLog and sp_AllNightLog_Setup

  • These are new! They’re part of our FauxPaaS project to do our own version of Log Shipping ~AT SCALE~. Since these are net-new, check out the documentation and other posts about them to learn more. I could go on for a month, here.

Install_Core_Blitz and Install-All-Procs

  • We’re trying something new! Because we hate opening multiple .sql files as much as you do (because why in the blue ox would SSMS decide to spawn a new window FOR EVERY SINGLE SCRIPT YOU OPEN??), we made it easy. Now you can just open one big script. We use a couple simple copycommands to do this: copy /b /y sp_Blitz*.sql Install_Core_Blitz.sql and copy /b /y *.sql Install-All-Procs.sql, which you can use and modify to create your own version, omitting whatever scripts you don’t want. Lucky you!

You can download the updated here.

Thanks for reading!

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  • Thanks Erik – the deduction is just in time for End of Financial year here in Australia.

  • thanks, Database restore script is looking great 🙂

  • sp_BlitzTrace is not in the new kit – has this been dropped?

    • Erik Darling
      June 30, 2017 7:38 am


      Yeah, sp_BlitzTrace and sp_BlitzRS aren’t under active development. Whatever version you currently use of either should be considered the final version.


  • Also, not sure sp_BlitzQueryStore should be in the “Core” script as it only works on 2016+. Few of my servers are there yet, and as I have to justify any changes made before I can make them, I’ll have to skip it.

    • Erik Darling
      June 30, 2017 7:53 am

      That’s why I gave you the copy commands we use. You can modify them to your heart’s content.

      Open Source, and all that.

      • Right, and thanks for that. My (not well articulated) point was that I suspect 90% of users will need to do the same, so maybe it’s isn’t really a “core” SP.

        • Erik Darling
          June 30, 2017 8:01 am

          I think you’re wrong. It’s probably closer to 99.999%.

          Go ahead and open an issue on GitHub and I’ll work something out for the next go around.

          • Heh – well, I was being conservative. Thanks, issue created (hopefully correctly; never used GitHub before).

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