Announcing our Black Friday 2016 Sales!

Black-Friday-SaleEvery year on Black Friday (the first Friday after Thanksgiving), we have a little fun here and celebrate the same way other stores do. Here’s the sales we’re running this year:

  • 5 $1 seats will be available in each of our 4-day online classes (Performance Tuning Jan 9-12 and the Senior DBA Dec 12-15)
  • The first 10 Everything Bundles will be $158.20 (that’s $1,582 of training videos at 90% off!)

For the rest of the day:

  • Everything Bundles will be $399. That’s 75% off – still a pretty doggone good number. (Psst: you can buy this now with coupon code EarlyBird399.)
  • 50% off our 4-day classes, down from $3,995 to $1,997.50 for our in-person and online events. (Psst: these are open too with coupon code EarlyBird50.)

Fine Print and Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I pay with a check or purchase order?” No, the Black Friday sale is live only, and you can’t pay me Tuesday, hahaha.

“Can I lock stuff in my cart ahead of time?” No, just by putting stuff in your cart, you’re not reserving the goods. You have to actually get out of the check-out line. (This year, I’ll also be clearing the sessions before the sale starts, too, just to get everybody on an equal playing field.)

“Why did the price change?” When the discounts sell out, the price in your cart is automatically adjusted upwards. It’s just like going to the store – if you put something in your cart, and then you wait until the sale is over and you try to check out, it’s not gonna work. Here’s a gif showing it in action:


So be ready to move fast. See you on Black Friday!

Update 11:00PM Eastern – remember, folks the sale starts on Black Friday. Click on that link to see the time in your local time zone. The purchases won’t be available until then. Thanks!

Update 12:57AM Eastern – holy smokes, spectacular load! The web site fell over. We sold out the Senior DBA and Performance Tuning class $1 seats fast, but we’ll leave the Everything Bundle sale going for another hour to say thanks. The site’s about to go down for emergency hardware boost, and then it’ll be back on. (We sold way more than 10 Everything Bundles at $158.20, but I wanted to keep it going to be good to you guys for being so patient.)

Update 2:00AM Eastern – aaaand the Everything Bundle is now at $399. To say thanks for your patience, we left that sale open and over 100 of you picked it up. Enjoy your video training, and thanks! (I can see why the server fell over by the way – some of you even raced through the checkout as many as five times trying to ensure your seats, hahaha. We’re cleaning out that credit card mess now so that you’ll only get charged once.)

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