Announcing Our 2015 Black Friday Sale on SQL Server Training

You need SQL Server training, but your boss is too cheap to pay full price, and you’re willing to stay up late and join in on a mad rush for good deals.

Have we got a deal for you. Several deals, in fact, and this year we’re announcing them all ahead of time so you can get your budget approval on:

Midnight Doorbusters:

  • $1 seats for in-person training classes – just 3 seats per class title will be available (3 for The Senior DBA Class of 2016, and 3 for SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting). You can buy your seat in any of the cities/dates we’re offering. – SOLD OUT
  • 50% off in-person classes for the first 20 buyers – if you don’t get in on the $1 coupon, you’ve still got a good shot at saving thousands of dollars. – SOLD OUT
  • 75% off video training classes for the first 75 people – you can buy as many videos as you want, too! – SOLD OUT

As a reminder, here’s the 2016 in-person class lineup:

SQL Server Performance Tuning with Brent: 5 days, $3995:

  • February 22-26 in San Diego
  • April 11-16 in Newark
  • June 6-10 in Chicago
  • August 15-19 in Portland
  • December 5-9 in Philadelphia

The Senior DBA Class of 2016 with Brent: 5 days, $3995:

  • January 11-15 in Newark
  • March 7-11 in Chicago
  • May 2-6 in Denver
  • August 1-5 in Philadelphia

All day long deals:

There’s no cap on these awesome deals – even if you miss the doorbusters, you’ll still be able to get these all day long:

  • How to Think Like the Engine – absolutely free all day with coupon code freeengine. Add it to your cart and check out, and you’ll get 18 months access at no cost.
  • 50% off video classes (not bundles) with coupon code douglovesmovies
  • 25% off in-person classes with coupon code angielovesharrypotter
  • $499 Everything Bundle – that’s a $1,553 value at 68% off.

The Fine Print

To get these deals, you’ll need the coupon codes – which we’ll announce on our company Twitter account, @BrentOzarULTD, at midnight Chicago time as we cross between Thursday, Nov 26th, and Friday, Nov 27th. Here’s a world clock calculator to show the time in your time zone. The all-day-long deals will be all day in the Chicago time zone.

You don’t have to follow us on Twitter – you can just refresh that page if you want – although of course you probably won’t catch it as quickly as our Twitter followers, and timing is everything on a sale like this. The doorbuster coupons typically sell out in the first 60 seconds.

Coupons are limited to one use per person, one time each, with no stacking. (That means if you try to buy 3 of the same course, the coupon won’t work, and someone else will sneak in ahead of you and score. Same thing if you try to use multiple coupons at once.) Coupons are not valid on already discounted items like bundles.

If you get an error during the checkout process, that means someone else grabbed the coupon before you. It’s entirely first-come-first-serve, with no rain checks.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice a lineup change in our 2016 classes, too: Brent will be the only in-person training instructor next year. Jeremiah and Kendra will still see you at conferences and user groups, though.

Go check out the courses to think about what you’ll buy. Have fun!

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