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SQL Server

KendraLittle_BioDrawing_CroppedChange is exciting, and a little scary, too. If you’re looking to upgrade or migrate your SQL Server, head on over to our events page and get registered for our upcoming free webcast on Thursday, Oct 15 at 10:00AM Central, 11:00AM Eastern.

SQL Server Migration Checklist (Sponsored by Veeam)

It’s time to upgrade your SQL Server! But do you know exactly what you need to do? Join this free webinar with Microsoft Certified Master Kendra Little to get her checklist to make your migration go smoothly. You’ll learn what you need to script and document from your current instance, which settings you should change after your migration, required tests for new installations, and better alternatives to in-place upgrades. Whether your SQL Server 2005 instance is hitting end of life or you’re planning an upgrade to the latest and greatest, this migration checklist will save you time and frustration. Register now.

Missed the Webcast, but want the Migration Checklist?

Download the SQL Server Migration Checklist eBook as part of our free First Responder Kit.

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  • Exactly what I’m going to be needing to so very soon. 2008 to 2012.. Need to do it sooner than this webex, but I think I’ll hols back a bit until after this. Looking forward to it.

  • We’ve recently upgraded on of our clients from 2000 to 2014 and migrated to new servers. That was very interesting case, all went fine.

  • We are plannng to migrate to sql 2014 sp1 from 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008 r2 and 2012 on thie year and the next.

  • We’re migrating all our 2008’s to 2014 this year, including a PROIV application that runs still on cursors… So interesting for me to attend 🙂

  • Hi Kendra,
    Really loved the show, thanks…

    I’ve looked for the Migration check list and can’t find it… can you kindly provide the link.

    It would also be good to watch this again, will it be made available on-line?

    Thanks again.


    • Kendra Little
      October 16, 2015 8:11 am

      Glad you liked it, thanks for attending! The migration checklist is in our download pack here:

      It’s named “eBook – SQL Server Migration Checklist.pdf”

      The video recording is in process of getting posted. Once it’s up, I’ll run a blog post with a link to it, and I’ll try to remember to also come back here and update the link too.


  • Hi ,
    do you have any video regarding to migration database from 2005 to 2014 steps?
    thanks inadvance

    • Ellen – check out the links in the post above, especially the migration checklist.

      • thanks Brent , I checked that . it’s greta thanks beside that I need a video or pdf that has all the steps from backup scripts,….. do you have anything that could help, (it is really appreciated) and also another question for you is that we are going to move db on sql 2005 win 2003 to sql 2014 win 2012 , I am wondering how can I run upgrade advisor 2014 on win 2003 since it is not supported ?

  • thanks Brent, I need a step by step manual or video which covers from backup scripts,…. and every thing . do you have or know anything ? and also another question for you. we are going to move a database from win 2003 sql 2005 to win 2012 sql 2014 , upgrade advisor is not supported on win 2003 so what should i do ?

  • thanks


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