Announcing Our 2016 In-Person Training Class Schedule

SQL Server
Jeremiah teaching in Portland
Jeremiah teaching in Portland

We just finished up the last of our 2015 training classes, and the reviews have been glowing:

“I have attended many training classes in my 19 years as a DBA, including Oracle and SQL Server. This is the first class where 75+% of the information I learned is applicable to my current work environment.” – Christina Z.

“I thought the class was much more useful than the Microsoft Official Curriculum. Those classes seem to teach to the book and instructors often can’t answer questions that aren’t included in the curriculum. You guys have real-world experience that you can share with the students. Very valuable!” – Kris C.

“They’re really best of the best on the market. And always open to QA sessions. And they asked do you have any questions? And ALWAYS have answers!!!!” – Vlad B.

And now, registration is open for next year’s training class lineup. Drum roll please:

Advanced Querying and Indexing – 5 days, $3,995

  • Jan 11-15, Newark
  • August 8-12, Portland

SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting – 4 days now expanded to 5 days, $3,995:

  • February 22-26, San Diego
  • April 11-15, Newark
  • June 6-10, Chicago
  • August 15-19, Portland
  • December 5-9, Philadelphia

The Senior DBA Class of 2016 – 5 days, $3,995

  • March 7-11, Chicago
  • May 2-6, Denver
  • August 1-5, Philadelphia

We’ve been updating each class to reflect new technologies and techniques, and we’re excited to share what we’ve been teaching our clients. And of course, if you’d like to bring one of us onsite to teach a custom class lineup, check out our training catalog and email us.

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  • Do you ever plan to come down to Miami?

    • Russ – I lived there for a couple of years, actually. I love South Beach. It’s possible, but it’s kinda tough to get to for the rest of the country.

      • What about metro Atlanta or Charlotte then? Those are both major hubs in the south east which would make it easy to get to for most people (though Atlanta traffic is a different story) and there are direct flights from both ORD and PDX. Perhaps a poll is in order to see if there is interest?

        • Bruce – we actually did do training in Atlanta a few years ago, and we’ll likely be back in the future. (And we do do polls, actually – we poll our mailing list subscribers and customers. Make sure to watch those emails!)

  • Any classes here in Europe?

    • Francesco – no, it’s pretty expensive for us to fly the whole team over and do training, so we’re focused on the US market for now. We do tend to get a couple Europeans in each of our classes though.

  • Where do you guys hold training Philly? I’ve been to Catalyst Ranch in Chicago. Is there anything similar in Philadelphia?


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