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You spend at least an hour or two each day writing T-SQL code. You have a pretty good hunch that it’s not as fast or crisp as it should be, and you wonder if you’re missing a few techniques. You’ve heard about date tables and windowing functions, but you’re just not comfortable with ’em yet.

I’m Doug Lane of Brent Ozar Unlimited, and my new online training class is for you. It’s loaded with T-SQL goodies like using computed columns, how to replace cursors, and more. Here’s a sneak preview:

It’s unlike any T-SQL training you’ve ever seen (seriously!), and it’s totally free. I’d love to hear what you think.

Our customers, who got free access to it as a thank-you, have already started leaving reviews:

“Great job on delivering information with a wink and a nod. It really held my interest.” – Debby

“Doug is an exceptional speaker, and uses humour in effective ways to convey difficult concepts. I learnt a thing or two from this course.” – Randolph

“If only l had seen this course when l started out my SQL journey! I love the teaching style it works well for me. Then there are those simple time saving tips slipped in just at the right time. The analogy about banking the coins, genius wish l had thought of it! Teaching pace it timed perfectly. Overall looking forward to seeing more Robert

“This is perhaps the nerdiest thing I’ve seen all year.” – Wulfgar

“Great starter for thinking set-based!” – Gustavo

“I loved the Set Based sections with the examples of the cursors and how you could change the code to make them set based operations. But I think my favorite part was the windowing functions. Now I have good examples of how they work and when they are a good fit.” – Colin

“This course is funny and filled with a lot of good information. A great recap for any DBA. And a gold mine for anybody less experimented with coding T-SQL. The Windowing functions part is especially helpful. I suggest this course to anybody writing T-SQL.” – Benoit

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  • Sorry
    Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.

    • Duncan – you may need to watch directly on our site instead of somewhere else (like an RSS reader.)

      • Nope.

        I thought that at first (since I first saw your post on a Feedly link), but i then clicked through to and had the same experience.

        Big fan of you and and your colleagues, btw.

    • Hi Duncan,

      Make sure you don’t have any sort of privacy plug-in blocking it. I’ve seen Privacy Badger cause trouble with Vimeo, for example.

  • Privacy Badger was the culprit; your omniscience extends beyond the sql world.

  • How long is the full video? $19 is a bargain…

  • Can I place one order for multiple copies for my employees? Or should I go ahead an purchase individually?

  • Doug,

    Nice presentation. The best, most concise explanation window functions I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing.


  • Oh, well. I would have loved to have bought the package but I was on the road to Denver for SQL Saturday and didn’t read the email until now. Since we have all of $1,000 in our training budget for the department for the year, it’s out of pocket or skip it.

    • Wayne – SQLSaturday Denver was on Saturday, September 19th.

      The sale hadn’t even STARTED until the following Monday, and lasted several days afterwards.

      Are you saying that by going to a SQLSaturday, you’re unable to read your emails for a full 5 following days? C’mon, Wayne, let’s be honest. You didn’t go to SQLSaturday Denver for the training. You went for the free access to marijuana, and you got stoned out of your mind for days. It’s okay, we don’t judge. We’re all friends here. Maybe next time, ease up a little on the ganja. We’re not saying you have to stop altogether, just ease up a little. It’s great for relaxing you, but you don’t want to get to the point where you can’t even read your email for five days afterwards.

      • I wish I was partaking! But since I work for a school, if I had a car accident, I’d get a drug screen and I’d be in a lot of trouble and could lose my job if I had pot in my system. I was out of the office until Thursday afternoon as I had a project launch meeting in Albuquerque the following Wednesday, and I’m still working on my email backlog.

        • Wayne – okay, gotcha. So the real issue isn’t SQLSaturday, but you were just busy at work. Unfortunately, we really can’t give special discounts for that. We’re all pretty busy. Good to know you don’t have a substance abuse problem though!

  • Terry Stoneberg
    October 7, 2015 9:02 am

    Bought and took the course. Loved it. Want to review a few modules to refresh the gray cells. Can’t figure out how. Can’t even figure out how to log in to your site to get to the purchased courses in my account (saw the page when I first took it. Can’t find it now). I must be blog challenged. How do I find it from your main page? Or do I need to save the URL?


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