Fake moustaches, barbecue, and SQL Server.

SQL Server

Must be Dell DBA Days:


Join us live as we performance tune – and break – SQL Servers:

  • Thursday Morning: Finding Your Slow SQL Server’s Bottlenecks in Record Time with Wait Stats
  • Thursday Afternoon: How to Prove Hardware is the Problem
  • Friday Morning: SQL Server High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Licensing Explained
  • Friday Afternoon: Watch SQL Server Break and Explode

Register now and join in.

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  • If you’re going out for BBQ, go to Black’s in Lockhart. The line at Franklin’s isn’t worth it 😉

  • also try Kreuz Market in Lockhart. I still want to try Franklin’s but haven’t made it yet.

  • Black’s is a bit far from Round Rock. Kreuz Market is better anyhow. (Gauntlet thrown)

    No Black’s isn’t bad, great home style sides, terrible sausage, but the smoked chops are delicious.

    None of my links to the Dell Days webinars seem to work…so I missed out on all the fun..oh well..back to work.

  • John Hennesey
    August 27, 2015 1:21 pm

    I wish I could join this remotely, but I am unable to – darn!! I really want to learn how to prove out what we are running on our hardware is too much – but just don’t know how to. Do you plan to make these recordings available next week? Please? Pretty please? 🙂 Thanks for all you do!


  • I just hope I can cover all of this in a single comment.

    Of course you can have barbecue for breakfast. Has no one told you about Rudy’s?

    I work at a company katty-corner from Dell across I-35 and the toll road. There’s plenty of good stuff, of every sort, to be had in this area.

    Lastly, while I see everyone wearing cowboy hats, I see nary a boot among you. This is a violation of The Texas Cowboy Hat Rule: You can’t wear the hat without wearing the boots.

    I’m sure I forgot something. I’m equally sure I’ll remember later.

  • I’m looking forward to the videos: I couldn’t see Mondays because of the problems you were having, and I had to leave work early Thursday to attend a SQL Saturday training in El Paso. I really wanted to see the server break!

  • I got the On-Demand link for the webcasts, though the 26th is missing. Will it be delivered later or is the recording broken?
    I was looking forward to actually hear about the advanced shared storage features, as I missed the call. :-/

    • Dennis – your best bet is to contact the folks who sent you the link (Dell). I’m not sure how the recordings went, but I bet somebody attached to that email can answer it. Let us know!


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