Learn How to Think Like the Engine – Free!

You’re a developer or a DBA, and you’re comfortable writing queries to get the data you need. You’re much less comfortable trying to design the right indexes for your database server.

Join me on Wednesday, Jan 28, for a free one-hour session explaining how the SQL Server engine looks at your indexes and builds your query results.

You’ll learn:

  • The differences between clustered and nonclustered indexes
  • How (and when) to make a covering index
  • The basics of execution plans
  • What determines sargability
  • What SQL Server uses to estimate the memory your query needs
  • What happens when those estimates are wrong
  • And it’s all demoed with these Stack Overflow database pages (PDF)

I’m not kidding when I say it’s the best session I’ve ever written, and I’m really proud of it. This session is normally $29 in our online store, but thanks to Idera, this live version will be free. Register now.

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