Our SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Class: Attendee Feedback

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We’ve already told you what’s in our SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting class, but what did the attendees in Chicago think?

“Great information.  If I had to learn this myself, I would have taken years to understand these concepts.” – Kishore P., Application Admin

“So, you’re pretty good at performance tuning?  Yeah?  Well, this course will make you better.  These funny, smart and attractive people will push your knowledge of each little dirty trick SQL server likes to pull and how you can counter-punch.  It’s by far the best laid-out and executed training class I’ve ever attended.” – Drew Furgiuele, DBA

“The course gives you a lot of valuable, practical tips.  The presenters are all very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.” Kevin Clark, Developer

“Amazing class, learned so much that I can take back and use.  One of the best training classes I have been to.” – Frank Garofalo, DBA

How many of you would like us to stop stuffing you with desserts?
How many of you would like us to stop stuffing you with desserts?

“A much better value for your training dollar than a local training course or even a 3-day conference.  Awesome advice that will be immediately useful once I get back to the office.  Terrific venue & food.  I didn’t have to spend a ton on dinner because of a pretrified chicken satay lunch.  I have been working with SQL Server for 15 years and I still learned tons.  When I get home I am locking this workbook with my notes in my safe full of gold (that I don’t have).  It is literally priceless.” – Andrew Notarian, Lead BI Engineer

“Awesome! Very informative.  Excellent delivery of technical content. Way more fun than any other tech course I have taken.  Looking forward to getting back and fixing a bunch of issues.” – Greg Noel, COO/CIO

“If just 10% of what these bright, personable people talked about stuck to the sides of my brain, I will be far more effective at work. Highly recommended.” – Bill Litman, Developer/DBA

“This class is better to get attention and easily ask questions get answer right way without waiting.  Brent and 4 team members working together very well.  Good for any level of BA. Comfortable, friendly and covered all topics about performance.” – Soojin Yoo, DBA

“This class was great because it covered a lot of the questions I’ve wondered about while trying to make the db and queries fast.  The bestest part (the whole class is best already) is being able to gauge and capture metrics which will help me show existing problems w/ the db.  Thank you!” – Marie Kolodz, Development DBA

“This course gave me the info I need to go back to the office and tackle my performance woes.  The presentations were engaging, and everyone (Brent, Kendra, Jes, Jeremiah, and Doug) were approachable and would discuss our issues with us.” – Joanne Snyder, Architect/Enterprise DBA

“This is a great survey course into the most common (and not so common) problems you will encounter in your server environment.  Calling it just a survey course doesn’t capture its full value.  If you want the best bang for your training budget buck, sign up for this course.” George Stocker, Developer

This class sold out in Chicago, and it’s on track to sell out for Philadelphia as well.  Register now.

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