The Day the SQL Server Quit [Video]

In this 5-minute video, Doug tells a story about a DBA whose SQL Server got fed up with being misconfigured and decided to do something about it. Topics include CPU settings like MAXDOP and Cost Threshold for Parallelism, memory and disk configuration.

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  • I like this. A different way to get basic configuration settings explained and understood. I also appreciate the production quality. Clear video with the logo in the background gives it some professionalism while the squirrel reference keeps it real. Good work on this!

  • Ameena Lalani
    April 30, 2014 11:30 am

    Hi Doug,

    This is very interesting. I hope you do more creative sql server videos. They are fun to watch and learn.

  • LOVE the light saber!

  • I kept wondering if that light saber is green or red…

    • If you can recognize the hilt, you’ll know the color. One hint: it’s not Luke’s from ROTJ.

  • Amusing and educational, fantastic.

  • Bob Henkel
    May 2, 2014 4:55 pm

    Everything Clint Davis said plus I appreciate the light saber in the stand. Good to know you take problems serious enough to keep in within arms reach.

  • Well Said Doug, Good Job !

  • I would hope you have a permit for that light sabre. 😉

  • One thing to point out – make sure to set the CPU power plan in the BIOS _and_ in the OS. One of the two may not be sufficient.

    • Yes, very true. Finding it in the Windows power management *or* the BIOS settings is not enough. Typically, I see it turned off in Windows but not the BIOS. The way you can tell is with CPU-Z. If the clock speed fluctuates at all, it’s doing power savings somewhere.