Extended Events for Tracking Code Improvements (video)

SQL Server
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Ever wanted to prove that your code or index changes had a positive impact? In this 30 minute video, Kendra shows you how to use Extended Events to measure a production workload– and how you can aggregate the results to prove your changes made a difference.

Want to skip straight to the demos? Here’s a quick timeline:

  • Demo 1: How I generate a fake workload – 2:45
  • Demo 2: Taking an initial benchmark with Extended Events – 4:45
  • Demo 3: Aggregating the results of the Extended Events Trace -10:52
  • Demo 4: Taking a second benchmark with Extended Events and aggregating the results – 18:05

Want a sample of the type of Extended Events trace run in the demo? Here’s a sample script. This isn’t any rocket science on my part: I generated the script with the Extended Events wizard and then told it to script it out. (Try it yourself!)

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