Jeremiah teaching people what they can do with Hadoop at SQLIntersection

Jeremiah, Brent and I will heading to the SQLIntersection Conference in Las Vegas from October 27-31. Here’s why you should join us.

You’ve got room to be heard

SQLIntersection is held in fast-paced Las Vegas, but it has a small town feel. This is a new conference. It doesn’t have the “hectic family reunion” feeling of some other big SQL Server events yet. That’s actually really cool! You’ve got loads of chances to ask the super talented presenters about how you can solve your own technical challenges. (It’s so great to be part of this group!)

To make the most of this, just remember:


Brent taught our post con how to visualize SQL Server processing queries, using just a few pages of paper.

  • Presenters want your questions– we love it when you ask that question in the back of your mind during a session.
  • Bring your business cards to trade. They don’t have to be fancy, and you can make your own. (People just want help remembering names.)

We’re giving a pre-con AND a post-con

Jeremiah, Brent and I are giving two full-day workshops. At our last SQLIntersection post-con, we demonstrated deadlocks by causing a presentation remote to explode, then later got into a bit of trouble because our class laughed so loudly they scared the neighbors. We’re going to keep it fun, action packed, and uber-geeky.

Join us for one (or both) of these events:

Accidental DBA Starter Kit 
Brent, Jeremiah, and Kendra: Pre-Con Sunday, Oct 27
You’re responsible for managing SQL Servers, but you’ve never had formal training. You’re not entirely sure what’s going on inside this black box, and you need a fast education on how SQL Server works. In one day, you’ll learn how to make your SQL Server faster and more reliable. You’ll leave armed with free scripts to help you find health problems and bottlenecks, a digital set of posters that explains how SQL Server works, and an e-book that will keep your lessons moving forward over the next 6-12 months.

Scale Up or Scale Out: When NOLOCK Isn’t Enough
Brent, Jeremiah, and Kendra: Post-Con Thursday, Oct 31
Partitioning, replication, caching, sharding, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Enterprise Edition, bigger boxes, or good old NOLOCK? You need to handle more data and deliver faster queries, but the options are confusing. In this full-day workshop, Brent, Kendra, and Jeremiah will share the techniques they use to speed up SQL Server environments both by scaling up and scaling out. We’ll share what features might save you hundreds of development hours, what features have been a struggle to implement, and how you can tell the difference. This workshop is for developers and DBAs who need to plan long term changes to their environment.

You can specialize using session tracks


In Vegas, you get to rub elbows with celebrities. Or at least stand next to their pictures.

I love that the SQLIntersection schedule is arranged by “track”. Want to focus on performance? You can attend three sessions in a row on perf-related topics. Interested in High Availability? You can do a whole block of that too.

If you’re looking to broaden your experiences instead of specialize, you can still cherry pick the sessions that you want to attend the most regardless of track. You can even go super broad and check out app dev sessions at DevIntersection at no extra cost.

Last chance to get a registration deal

For $1,994 before Sept 16th, you can get the Show Package: the conference, PLUS a pre-con or post-con of your choice, PLUS your choice of a Surface RT, Xbox, or a $300 gift card. (I know which one I’d pick– do you?)

For $2,394, you get all that plus ANOTHER pre-con or post-con — and that’s a whole lotta SQL Server training for one conference.

Use the discount code OZAR when you register to get another $100 off. (Clever code, isn’t it?) Register here.

Kendra Little
My goal is for you to understand your SQL Server’s behavior– and learn how to change it. When I’m not figuring out the solutions to your database problems, you’ll find me at user group meetings in Portland, Oregon. I also love to draw.
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  1. I wish I could come just for the post-con. I see a lot of NOLOCK floating around, and hearing all the options to at least limit its uses to less critical queries would be amazing. Record it and throw it up on your blog for free, if you don’t mind. I’ll understand if you have to charge though…after I’m done crying.

  2. The conference sounds awesome. Wish I could make it but I don’t qualify for overseas conferences in my company because of BBBEE policies (Sucks working in South Africa with these rules 🙁 ) I guess the only way for me to attend a conference is write something that someone wants me to present at one of these conferences. Since my goal next year was to get my MCSM (This year was MCSE which I got yesterday), and now Microsoft has scuttled that idea, I should make a new goal of implementing something in SQL server worth presenting at SQL intersection or SQL PASS.

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