Missed Connection: Employer Seeking Employee

You were helping a sysadmin understand the details of a request for a new virtual server. You whiteboarded a diagram to show how SQL Server uses memory. You got so excited when the sysadmin asked a hard question that you spilled coffee everywhere.

We were tuning queries on a video conference with developers from That Software Company next door. They said they wished you worked with them, because you ask such great questions at the coffee maker.

We’re looking for someone just like you.

We are: a small team of loving SQL commando medics. We parachute in when our clients need help. We diagnose what’s causing their problems and build a plan to solve their biggest pain points. We’re growing, and we’re hiring a full time SQL Server consultant.

Team Meetings
Team Meetings

The Job: What You’ll Do

As Employee #2, you’ll help clients make their SQL Servers faster and more reliable.

Your missions will usually be short term consulting projects. You will diagnose bottlenecks in storage, problems in Windows and SQL Server configuration, and figure out when queries are killing a server. You’ll help clients understand the root causes of their problem, and you’ll prescribe a custom action plan that solves their issues in the short, medium, and long term.

Although you’ll work from home most of the time, you’ll be an integral part of our team. You’ll adopt our SQL Critical Care® toolkit and processes, but you’ll also get inspired, and suggest and build improvements for the whole team to use. You’ll work closely with me, Brent, Jeremiah, and Jes during the days: we use chat, email, and hangouts to ask questions and solve problems as a group.

You’ll contribute to our online video training. You’ll challenge yourself and learn something every week.

What We’ll Do for You

We work hard, and we take time off seriously. Our benefits include:

  • 6 weeks paid vacation per year
  • 1 paid conference, plus 1 week of learning (on projects to be announced soon) — each year. You don’t have to speak at the conference, and it doesn’t count as vacation time.
  • Health insurance
  • Full time telecommuting with a max of 1 week of travel per 2 months
  • Paid certification attempts (whether you pass or fail)
  • Home internet/VOIP/cell phone expenses paid
  • $3,000 hardware/software budget every 2 years to pick your own tools (we like Apple gear, but you can pick whatever you want – you’re your own IT department)
  • If you’re a Microsoft MVP, we pay for your travel and time for the MVP Summit each year.
  • We’ve started a tradition of awesome company trips, and we have one booked for February 2014. You and your significant other will be invited along. (You just need a passport.)

To Apply, Send Us Two Things

First, we need to know where you’ve spoken recently and what you talked about. This can include all sorts of public speaking– it doesn’t have to be technical.

Next, tell us how you give back to a technical community. (It doesn’t have to be the SQL Server community.)

Email the details (be specific!) on both of these things to help@BrentOzar.com along with your name, and you’re in the running! 

If you’ve only got the good intentions to start speaking soon, don’t apply. Get out there and do it, and tell us about it next time.

Don’t send us your resume. We only want the two items listed above right now.

Our work is never boring.
Our work is never boring.

It may take us some time to decide. We lucked out last time and found Jes pretty quickly after we posted our ad. A year and a half later, we know we couldn’t have hired a better Employee #1.

Life’s not always that easy. It’s probably going to take a while to find the right person this time– and we’re willing to wait as long as we need to. But you never know, so drop us a line fast!

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  • So love how differently and daringly you guys do it!! Unfortunately no plans of public speaking soon. Best of luck and am sure like Jes this will be a great find also!!

  • Count me in. I may not be an MVP or MCM, but i have wild problem-solving skills.

    • Hey there Feodor,

      Good news: MCM certs and MVP status are absolutely not required. We do care about the experience that we list in the post, but that’s all we’re asking for now. Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Now this is how you advertise for a DBA! I’d love to one day have the skills if you wanted an Aussie on the team! Now.. to start public speaking.

  • Unfortunately I have the feeling that submissions on DBAReactions might not actually count as giving back to the community…. 🙂 Anyway, sounds like a fun gig! Good luck to right candidate, and good luck in your hunt for him or her!

  • Hi Kendra,

    Do you consider canadian citizens ?

    • Hi Polllus,

      The position is located in the United States. Apologies for missing your comment earlier!

  • looks like such a fun place to work…ever considered expanding into BI?

  • I have to admit, I’m not ready to be employee #2, but you’ll be hearing from me somewhere around employee #5. I’ve been giving back for 5 months now, but only one SQL Saturday speaking event under my belt at the moment.

  • i am learning too……

  • Can I work from you attending México and southamerica future coustomers?

  • Or can I receive money from you using my paypal account for travel expenses, payroll and attend your customers in the US? I am able to relocate me anywhere inside USA or Canada if needed or if you help me to get my work visa will be better if is mandatory for pay taxes or any other government requirement

    • Hi Fernando,

      The job is located in the United States and we aren’t offering relocation as part of the package.


  • Lesson learned, admit it. Next time you post a job add it should specify that it is only for certain residents / specific location, this way people can save time and effort.

    • Hi, Feodor. I totally understand. Forgive us – we thought it would be relatively obvious that a US-based consulting company with US customers would be focused on hiring people to serve those needs, but in hindsight, I can see how it’d be confusing. Everything’s global now, and it’s tough to determine borders. Maybe next time, though – hopefully in a few years we’ll be big enough to grow around the world. In the meantime, sounds like it’s a great opportunity for you to build a business focusing on customers in your area. Good luck!

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  • Hmm, little bit late, but I would like to ask for your activities in EU continent – I know that you have lot of contacts but if you plan to spread your activities also in EU let us know!


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