We’re excited to announce our 2014 training class schedule! We’re coming to Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Diego to teach these two classes:

How to Be a Senior DBA

For the last couple of years, you’ve been spending most of your time managing SQL Server. You’re responsible for the backups, building new servers (when you get the chance), and figuring out why they’re slow. You’ve just never really felt confident. In two days with Microsoft Certified Masters Brent Ozar and Kendra Little, you’ll learn:

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting – with sessions like our SQL Server First Responder Kit and the Secret Meaning of Performance Counters
  • Advanced Hardware – with SANs for SQL DBAs, Virtualization Management & Troubleshooting, and How to Size Hardware
  • Better Backups and Maintenance – with Architecture Design for RPO/RTO, How to Build an Enterprise Maintenance Strategy

Read more about this 2-day class, including the detailed module listing, schedule, and pricing.

SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting

You need to make your SQL Server-driven app run faster. You’re a developer or DBA, and you’re facing performance issues that you can’t quite figure out. That’s about to change! In three days, join Brent Ozar, Jeremiah Peschka, and Kendra Little as they cover:

  • Indexing in depth – with sessions like How to Identify Indexing Problems, Data-Driven Index Changes, and Indexing Tricks/Techniques/Gotchas
  • T-SQL Tuning – with Antipatterns and Homewreckers, Our T-SQL Tuning Process, and Improving Dynamic SQL
  • Internals – with Fundamentals of SQL Server Internals, Working Around the Rules of Computer Physics, and How to Tell When TempDB is a Performance Problem

Read more about this 3-day class, including the detailed module listing, schedule, and pricing.
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How We Picked The Cities

Brace yourself: I used BI on my Microsoft Surface Pro.

This is not some kind of joke about how my Surface wouldn’t stop staring at my chest, although that’s true. Several months ago, one of my clients wanted to do a quick analytics demo, so I bought a Surface Pro to play with Power Map (the artist formerly known as GeoFlow). Here’s a couple of demo screenshots, and you can download the Power Map preview.

I used Excel to combine the attendee data from our Tuesday webcasts, our weekly mailing list, our training video buyers, our blog readers via Google Analytics, and our in-person customers. Power Map generated a slick globe that we could spin around, point at, zoom in, etc. (No, I’m not sharing that here, since it does have some proprietary Secret Stuff in there.)


Learn to diagnose what’s slowing down your SQL Server

The top three contenders were Southern California, the Northeast (NYC area), and the Chicago area. They also happen to be big population centers for the US, but if we’d have picked the top 5-6 contenders, there were some surprises. (For example, Houston is the 3rd or 4th biggest city in the US, but the Houston area wasn’t even in our top 10 following.)

We then built Google Docs surveys, one for each geographic area. We wanted to find out which city called to our attendees the most – just because you live in LA doesn’t mean you want to attend training there, for example. We emailed the surveys to our readers/customers in that geographic area, and used the feedback to help guide our city selection. The final winners:

San Diego in February – one of the survey commenters said it best: “I’m in LA, but it doesn’t matter where the training is in LA – I’m going to need a hotel if I’m going to make it to class on time, and as long as I’m staying in a hotel, I might as well go somewhere fun.” We’re doing training at the San Diego Harbor Island Hilton, which is conveniently near the airport, and February’s a gorgeous time to be in South California.

Chicago in May – it’s my (current) hometown, and it’s a fantastic place to visit in the spring. We’re doing the training at Catalyst Ranch, a hip, fun place where I’ve held FreeCons in the past.

Philadelphia in September – we had a lot of strong contenders for the Northeast, but we ended up picking The Inn at Penn, a Hilton downtown near a lot of green space and schools. Should be a great time to see some leaves changing without having to wear a winter jacket.

How We Picked the Topics


Find out how we track down which code is causing performance pains

We were surprised by the number of DBAs who attended our 2-day SQL Server Developer training class in Atlanta this year. When we talked to them, the overwhelming thing they said was, “We need help making SQL Server go faster.”

We crafted the 3-day SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting agenda around that goal. Our target attendee there is someone who has control or influence over their database tables, indexes, and queries. It could be either a DBA or a developer – they’re just the go-to person for SQL Server query or design questions.

For the new How to Be a Senior DBA class, we reviewed the questions our clients ask us the most. How should I interpret the data that comes out of my monitoring tool? How do I use that data to determine when it’s time to build a new server? When I’m designing that new server, should I consider clustering, virtualization, or what? We built the agenda for people who have been spending >50% of their time managing SQL Servers for the last couple of years, but they don’t get enough mentoring time from senior DBAs.

Why I’m Telling You All This

We love our jobs.

No, seriously, it’s ridiculous how much we love doing this. Every Monday afternoon, I’m on a WebEx with Jeremiah and Kendra going through a big Google Docs task list with our ideas and our plans. I wish I had two more days a week to just work on all our cool goals.

You’d be amazed at how much work goes into building this stuff out. It’s not just about writing the presentations – it’s about picking the right attendee profile, figuring out what they want to learn, designing the best way to teach that topic, picking the cities, signing contracts with hotels, working with catering companies, building registration pages, setting up credit card providers, I could go on and on.

We really care about helping you conquer problems in your SQL Server environment, and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you. I’m really proud of all the ways we work to share – webcasts, here on the blog, at our paid training sessions, as a consulting client, or even tonight as I present at the Chicago PASS chapter.

Read the class schedules, prices, and descriptions now, and come join us!

Brent Ozar
I make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I love teaching, travel, and laughing.

I’m mostly a figurehead here at Brent Ozar Unlimited. My true skills are menu advice, interpretive dance, and reading Wikipedia.
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  1. (For example, Houston is the 3rd or 4th biggest city in the US, but the Houston area wasn’t even in our top 10 following.)

    That is sad. I must be an outlier then. 🙁 I was hoping there would be more events in Houston since I just started as a dba and am really learning a lot.

    • Heh, Brendan, I think Brent is sad, too, he loves Houston. I’m originally from Dallas, but I’m just looking for an excuse to go to Austin to eat food at The Salt Lick.

  2. Yes, PHILLY!! Darn it’s 2014…
    Well, at least I have an entire year to bug my boss about going 🙂

  3. me too, that is a bummer, well keep Houston in mind, our city is blooming. I wonder if you are planning to be next year at Technet event here in Houston.

    If you are coming to Houston downtown, let me know, I have been enjoying so much of your videos and materials, that a way to retribute is to invite you some desserts from my wife dessert shop.

  4. Hy Brent, this may be one of a kind question\request. Is it possible to search on this site for replies made by people. The point is, I asked a question on TempDB and Kendra Little answered it. I am trying to refer it again and been looking on this site since morning. I did not subscribe for email notification option(paying the price now). Thanks!!

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