Have you ever wished your SQL Server could have an identical twin, holding the same data, in case you ever needed it? SQL Server mirroring provides just that, and you can choose if you want it for high availability or disaster recovery. If you’ve ever been curious about what mirroring really is, and what the pros and cons are, this is the session for you.


Database Mirroring (Books Online) 

Configure SQL Server Database Mirroring Using SSMS 

Database Snapshots 

From the Dept of Corrections: During the webcast a viewer asked in Q&A if automatic page repair was a one way or two way street. Kendra answered that if the mirror gets an IO error it will go into a suspended state. This is somewhat correct but incomplete– the mirror will also try to correct the issue with a page from the principal afterward and attempt to resume mirroring. More info here.

Jes Schultz Borland
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