Today is your lucky day.

Today is your lucky day.

How would you like to go to a SQL Server conference in Las Vegas where the sessions are taught by Brent Ozar Unlimited®, SQLskills, SQLServerCentral, and SQL Sentry?

Yep. Me, Jeremiah, Kendra, Kimberly Tripp, Paul Randal, Jonathan Kehayias, Erin Stellato, Steve Jones, and Aaron Bertrand. Between us, that’s 3 MCMs, 2 MCM instructors, 7 MVPs, and 2 MVP Regional Directors.

If you’re serious about learning SQL Server, this should be the very first conference on your fall priority list. Check out some of these sessions:

  • Troubleshooting SQL Servers in VMware and SANs (me)
  • Understanding Locking, Blocking, and Isolation Levels (Kimberly)
  • Understanding Logging and Recovery (Paul)
  • X-Ray Glasses for Your Indexes (Kendra)
  • Branding Yourself for a Dream Job (Steve)
  • Deadlocking for Mere Mortals (Jonathan)
  • Hadoop: The Great and Powerful (Jeremiah)
  • Making the Leap from Profiler to Extended Events (Erin)
Team building in a Boxster through canyons

Team building in a Boxster through canyons

How much would you pay for three days of awesome learning at a conference like this with top-notch speakers, all killer no filler?

You want more sessions? You’re in luck! Your registration also includes ASP.NET Intersection sessions and Visual Studio Intersection sessions for developers, SharePoint Intersection sessions for sharing pointers. If your coworkers want to attend an open-source-friendly conference focusing on JavaScript and the web, the Angle Brackets conference is happening in the same hotel at the same time, so it makes for a great company getaway.

And hey, it’s Vegas, so it’s a great team building city, like when Jeremiah and I rented cars last time and, uh, built teams. Yeah.

But wait – there’s more! Check out the pre-con workshops:

  • Accidental DBA Starter Kit (me, Jeremiah, Kendra – Pre-Con Sunday) – You’re responsible for managing SQL Servers, but you’ve never had formal training. You’re not entirely sure what’s going on inside this black box, and you need a fast education on how SQL Server works. In one day, you’ll learn how to make your SQL Server faster and more reliable. You’ll leave armed with free scripts to help you find health problems and bottlenecks, a digital set of posters that explains how SQL Server works, and an e-book that will keep your lessons moving forward over the next 6-12 months.
  • Queries Gone Wild: Real-World Solutions (Kimberly – Pre-Con Sunday) – Have you ever wondered why SQL Server did what it did to process your query? Have you wondered if it could have done better? And, if so, how? Transact-SQL was designed to be a declarative language that details what data you need, but without any information about how SQL Server should go about getting it. Join order, predicate analysis – how does SQL Server decide the order or when to evaluate a predicate? Most of the time SQL Server gets the data quickly but sometimes what SQL Server does just doesn’t seem to make sense. Inevitably you’ll encounter certain workloads and queries that just aren’t performing as well as you expect. There are numerous reasons why query performance can suffer and in this full-day workshop Kimberly will cover a number of critical areas while showing you how to analyze a variety of query plans throughout the day.
  • Scale Up or Scale Out: When NOLOCK Isn’t Enough (me, Jeremiah, Kendra – Post-Con Thursday) – Partitioning, replication, caching, sharding, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Enterprise Edition, bigger boxes, or good old NOLOCK? You need to handle more data and deliver faster queries, but the options are confusing. In this full-day workshop, Brent, Kendra, and Jeremiah will share the techniques they use to speed up SQL Server environments both by scaling up and scaling out. We’ll share what features might save you hundreds of development hours, what features have been a struggle to implement, and how you can tell the difference. This workshop is for developers and DBAs who need to plan long term changes to their environment.
  • Practical Disaster Recovery Techniques (Paul – Post-Con Thursday) – Disasters happen – plain and simple. When disaster strikes a database you’re responsible for, can you recover within the down-time and/or data-loss limits your company requires? What if your plan doesn’t work? This workshop isn’t about how to achieve high-availability, it’s about how to prevent or overcome the obstacles you’re likely to hit when trying to recover from a disaster – such as not having the right backups, not having valid backups, or not having any backups! In this demo-heavy workshop, you’ll learn a ton of practical tips, tricks, and techniques learned from 15 years of experience helping customers plan for and recover from disasters, including less frequently seen problems and more advanced techniques. All attendees will also receive a set of lab scenarios for further study and practice after the class with assistance from Paul.
Ernie takes in Hoover Dam

Ernie takes in Hoover Dam

Now how much would you pay for all this? Three thousand? Four thousand? Ten thousand? BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

For $1,894 before June 24th, you can get the Show Package: the conference, PLUS a pre-con or post-con of your choice, PLUS your choice of a Surface RT, Xbox, or a $300 gift card.

For $2,294, you get all that plus ANOTHER pre-con or post-con – five days of nonstop learning from the absolute best in the business.

No? You want more? Okay, you drive a hard bargain, buddy. Use discount code OZAR and you get another $50 off. Register now. Operators are standing by.

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I make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I love teaching, travel, and laughing.

I’m mostly a figurehead here at Brent Ozar Unlimited. My true skills are menu advice, interpretive dance, and reading Wikipedia.
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  2. Howdy Brent,

    As a first time SQL conference-goer, how does this stack up against the immersion event for internals and performance? Do you have any ‘convince the boss’ tips?

    It’s interesting that I live within driving distance of the Bellevue immersion, but it’s cheaper for me to go to Vegas (including flight and hotel)?! I’m already convinced and not just because of the tablet. (partly because of the tablet)

  3. Anyone else having issues with the Registration links on this page?

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