Next month, I’ll be in Vegas at the SQLIntersection conference.  Yeah yeah yeah, I’m a presenter, but forget that for a second.  I want to give you a tour of the agenda and talk about why I’m so excited to be there as an attendee, too.

Here’s the pre-conference workshops:

Sunday, Kimberly Tripp is talking indexes.  If you work with indexes as a DBA or a senior developer, I can’t think of a better index teacher today than Kimberly.  I’m lucky to have seen most of the great SQL presenters in person around the world, and when it comes to indexes, she’s at the top.  At $450 for one day, this is a screaming deal.

Monday, Kim’s got a workshop on understanding the plan cache.  She’s a complete expert at that too, at the top of the game, and it’s a great session for developers and DBAs who manage internally developed applications.  I’ve got a one-day workshop on SQL Server setup best practices, which seems odd because there’s a million best practices documents out there already, right?  Well, things have changed a lot this year with SSDs, VMware, clusters, TempDB, and AlwaysOn Availability Groups.  If you’re building a new server this year, you need to revisit what you think you know.

On Tuesday, the main conference sessions start:

There’s three track rooms, and in each room, we’ve got a host/MC.  The host will be facilitating discussion in the room, helping with Q&A, and talking shop in between sessions.  This is a completely new way of handling downtime between sessions, and I’m really excited about it.

The speakers are all killer, no filler.  These are people who know their subjects really well, and they do a fantastic job of explaining the topics.  It’s a complete all-star list, and I could write for pages about just this one list of sessions, but I’m going to focus on the people in my track just because I don’t wanna bore you to death.

Joe Sack ran the Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server program when he worked at Microsoft, and now he’s with SQLskills.  He’s one of the funniest, friendliest guys I know, and if you’ve been reading his incredibly detailed blogs, you’ll already know he’s smart too.  His session topic is so relevant – if you’re not already troubleshooting SQL Server CPU issues, you will be soon.  Companies are getting tighter and tighter with SQL licensing now that we pay by the core, and they want to minimize CPU use as much as possible.

Paul White is the blogger that wows other bloggers.  His blog posts do an incredible job of teaching even the smartest SQL Server professionals, and I can’t wait to see his session on parallel execution.  His classic post on forcing parallel execution plans contains a ton of gems, even just starting with the list of things that cause your queries to go single-threaded.

Andrew Kelly has been distilling the best parts of performance monitoring for years, and he’s at the top of his game here too.  He doesn’t get the blog press that the other speakers get, but believe me, he knows his stuff forwards and backwards.  One of my favorite gauges of presenter quality is the number of notes that attendees take during the session, and I always see people scribbling like crazy while Andrew’s onstage.

The day finishes up with Kevin Kline and Sumeet Bansai talking about how you can use local SSDs to achieve high availability and high performance with AlwaysOn Availability Groups.  I’m not gonna lie – keynotes at conferences usually suck hard, but with Kevin onstage, that’s not going to happen here.  His recent post about doing good technical demos is a clue that he not only takes his work seriously, but he wants to explain it to others well too

And that’s just the first conference day.

Because SQL Intersection is a brand new conference, you might be thinking, “I dunno if I should go.  Maybe it’s just a flash in the pan and they don’t know what they’re doing.”  Au contraire, mon frere – this conference is set up to be very different than others, and in a good way.

April is a great time to be in Vegas – the weather’s wonderful.  Vegas has some of my favorite restaurants in the world, and I love seeing shows like Cirque du Soleil and Penn & Teller.

If you’d like to join me, Jeremiah, Kendra, and the sharpest, friendliest minds in the SQL Server business, register for SQL Intersection.  The Show Package (conference plus one pre-conference or post-conference session) even includes a free Surface RT tablet.  (I’m so not ready to see an army of attendees with Surface RTs.)

Use discount code OZAR and you’ll get $50 off, plus we’ll donate $10 to charity.  We’re looking for charity ideas, so leave a comment with your favorite charity.  We’ll pick our favorite suggestion(s) and report back with how much you gave to charity after the show.

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  1. I’m definitely excited to see everyone there! Can’t wait to say hi in person!

  2. Please done to me all charity for yravel from México to Las Vegas for say I in person

  3. Hmm…no mention of Kimberly’s better half. A curious omission or do his contributions simply go without saying?

    • Hi! You’ll notice that I only mentioned the pre-conference sessions and the sessions in my track, and yet the post is still way long. There simply isn’t enough time and space for me to cover all the cool speakers – I didn’t even mention Jeremiah and Kendra in this post!

  4. Just messing with ya Brent! You’re one of the best. Hope to see you in Vegas.

  5. There was some typo errors please delete my comment or let me edit it

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