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February 12

SQL Server Change Management: 3 Best Practices

Kendra Little, Technology Triage Tuesday

Whether you’re planning a major migration, a code release, or an update to Windows security patches, there’s always the risk that something may go terribly wrong. How can you prevent disaster? In this 30 minute webcast, Kendra will share the top three elements to planning a successful change for SQL Server. Register now.

Brent OzarFebruary 19

How Does SQL Server Store Data?

Brent Ozar, Technology Triage Tuesday

When you create tables and insert data, what’s SQL Server doing behind the scenes? How do your rows become part of the files on disk? This session isn’t about solving problems – it’s about just going fishing inside SQL Server to see what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ll use undocumented commands like DBCC PAGE to track down your data. Register now.

Feb 26

Log Shipping Part 1: Preparing for Disaster

Jes Schultz Borland, Technology Triage Tuesday

Log shipping is a tried and true method in SQL Server for keeping a copy of your data on a secondary server. If you haven’t worked with this feature yet, join Jes to learn the basics, such as what log shipping is used for, what the moving pieces are, and how to set it up. Register now.

Brent Ozar

March 5

Developers: How to Check Your SQL Server’s Health

Before you join us in Atlanta for our 2-day training class (or if you’re just thinking about it), let’s talk about your environment. In this 30-minute session, we’ll give you some vital statistics to check in your SQL Server before you leave work, and we’ll explain how our upcoming training class will help you improve those metrics.

Mar 12

Log Shipping Part 2: When Disaster Strikes

Jes Schultz Borland, Technology Triage Tuesday

Log shipping is a tried and true method in SQL Server for keeping a copy of your data on a secondary server. You have your primary and secondary server set up, and it’s working great. Are you monitoring it? Do you know what to do if you need to fail over to the secondary? Join Jes to find out! Register now.

Mar 26

Saving Session State

Jeremiah Peschka, Technology Triage Tuesday

Session state frequently ends up on a busy SQL Server. What seemed like a good idea in development turns into a problem in production. While there are valid business reasons for persisting session state to permanent storage; there are equally valid reasons to avoid using SQL Server as the permanent storage. We’ll investigate why session state poses problems for SQL Server and cover an alternate solution that allows for persistent session state. This talk is for developers and DBAs who want a better way to safely track ASP.NET session state. Register here.

Brent OzarApril 2

Bad Advice for SQL Server DBAs

Brent Ozar, Technology Triage Tuesday

Get frustrated when you read conflicting opinions on the web? Me too – I can’t go to sleep when someone’s wrong on the Internet, but it’s tough to correct everybody. In this 30-minute session, I’ll explain the most common bad advice that I see, explain why it’s wrong, and show you how to set up your SQL Server for speed, not slowness. Register now.

Can’t be there on time?  Yeah, we know how “busy” you are – you can catch recorded versions of past webcasts in our First Aid video archive.

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  2. The schedule on the webex site differs from what’s listed here. Which one is correct?

  3. hi I missed SQL Server Change Management: 3 Best Practices webcast, is it possible to see a recording please.

    • Hi, Donald. We’ll be posting it on in the near future as our schedules allow. Thanks!

    • Sorry, work has gotten in the way! There’s an audio-visual post processing set of steps I have to do to get it posted– it’s on my President’s Day list of things to do. Video should be up this week.

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