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Jan 8 – Do You Need Critical Care®? – Brent Ozar – Overwhelmed with problems on your SQL Servers? Maybe it’s time you stopped playing around with bandages and got some Critical Care®. We’ll introduce our Critical Care® process, explain what we look for, and show you how to justify it to your manager. Let’s make your SQL Server faster and more reliable – together.

Jan 15 – Documentation: It Doesn’t Suck! – Jes Schultz Borland – Without documentation, you could probably do your taxes, build a new piece of “some assembly required” furniture, or manage a database instance – but you’d probably end up living in prison, living with broken furniture, or living in fear of your servers.  Writing documentation might not seem as important or exciting as developing or tuning code, but it keeps database administrators out of prison.  Join Jes to learn what you need to capture and what tools to use.

Jan 22 – SQL Server Partitioning Tutorial – Kendra Little – There’s a secret to learning about SQL Server’s table partitioning feature: you need to get your hands on some code and really play with it in a test environment. In this free 30 minute tutorial, Kendra Little walks you through test scripts that set up a sample table partitioning environment. These scripts demonstrate gotchas to look out for and the cool features that can dramatically change your database’s performance.

Jan 29 – The Okapis of SQL Server Indexes – Jes Schultz Borland – They are elusive and hard to spot in the wild, but they exist: rare index options that can enhance the performance of your queries. If you have a solid knowledge of index basics and want to add to your collection, this is the session for you! Jes will show you how filtered indexes, compressed indexes, and indexed views work and can improve performance!

Feb 5 – Hive Data Warehouse: Lesson Learned – Jeremiah Peschka – Your company is considering a data warehouse and you’re unsure where to start; with so many tools on the market, it can be difficult to pick a solution. Jeremiah Peschka has designed and deployed several data warehouses using Hive to scale flexibly with data volume and query complexity. Come and learn what Jeremiah has found in real-life deployments of Hive.

Feb 12 – SQL Server Change Management: 3 Best Practices – Kendra Little – Whether you’re planning a major migration, a code release, or an update to Windows security patches, there’s always the risk that something may go terribly wrong. How can you prevent disaster? In this 30 minute webcast, Kendra will share the top three elements to planning a successful change for SQL Server.

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