You’re a developer stuck managing a database server that you don’t feel comfortable with.  You’ve got no formal database training, but over a couple years of work, you’ve taught yourself how to design databases and write queries.  You want to improve the performance and reliability of your SQL Server, diagnose problems with your T-SQL and schema, and build a prioritized to-do list for the team.

After 2 days of in-person training from Brent, Jeremiah, Jes, and Kendra, you’ll leave armed with knowledge and scripts to hit the ground running when you return to work.

UPDATE – The survey is closed. Thanks for your help!

Brent Ozar
I make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I love teaching, travel, and laughing.

I’m mostly a figurehead here at Brent Ozar Unlimited. My true skills are menu advice, interpretive dance, and reading Wikipedia.
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  1. Hi Brent,

    Wish I could attend! However flights from the UK would cost almost as much as the event. I’ve been following the site for a few months now. If you ever make it over this side of the water I’d be signing up!


  2. When will the announcement be made on the location?

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