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I’m really excited to share the news that Brent Ozar Unlimited® is now an Amazon Consulting Partner. The Amazon Consulting Partner program is a way for Amazon Web Services to identify consulting firms specializing in helping customers design, build, and deploy solutions in Amazon Web Services. Cloud computing is some seriously cool stuff and we’re excited to be a part of it.

What does it mean now that we’re an Amazon Consulting Partner? It means that you have someone you trust when it comes to building solutions in AWS. We’re excited about SQL Server, we’re excited about AWS, and we’re really excited about combining the two to help you solve your problems.

The easiest way to tell you how we can help is to highlight some things we’ve already done. We’ve helped clients migrate seamlessly to AWS with zero downtime, tune customers’ SQL Servers in AWS, and designed highly available SQL Server architectures. Building fast, resilient SQL Servers in AWS is a lot of fun.

We’re excited about becoming an Amazon Standard Consulting Partner because this isn’t just a partnership agreement. To become a part of the Amazon Partner Network companies have to demonstrate clear wins in AWS – either by deploying products or successful customer implementations. We’re a part of the Amazon Partner Network because of the success of our friends and clients.

This doesn’t mean things are going to change; we’re still the same goofy bunch of SQL Server consultants. It does mean that when you have questions around SQL Server in AWS, or even questions around a new deployment in AWS, that there’s someone you know and trust ready to back you up.

Learn more about our SQL Server in Amazon cloud resources page.

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