When you’re in charge of your company’s data, there are a few key things that you need to know about your job. Exactly how many production servers do you have? How many databases? When does support end on that SQL 2005 box? If a server went down, what would be the very first thing you’d do? I’ve got over a decade of experience managing production databases, and I’ll open your eyes to some surprising questions about your job responsibilities in this 30-minute video:

We cover a lot of scary things in the video, but thankfully, there’s an easy way to check for most of it – our sp_Blitz® script.  We’ve got a new version out today, and here’s the changes:

  • Thomas Rushton @ThomasRushton added check 58 for database collations that don’t match the server collation.
  • Rob Pellicaan caught a bug in check 13: it was only checking for plan guides in the master database rather than all user databases.
  • Michal Tinthofer improved check 2 to work across collations and fix a bug in the backup_finish_date check.  (Several people reported this, but Michal contributed the most improvements to this check.)
  • Chris Fradenburg improved checks 38 and 39 by excluding heaps if they are marked is_ms_shipped, thereby excluding more system stuff
  • Jack Whittaker fixed a bug in checkid 1.  When checking for databases without a full backup, we were ignoring the model database, but some shops really do need to back up model because they put stuff in there to be copied into each new database, so let’s alert on that too.  Larry Silverman also noticed this bug.
  • Michael Burgess caught a bug in the untrusted key/constraint checks that were not checking for is_disabled = 0.
  • Alex Friedman fixed a bug in check 44 which required a running trace.
  • New check for SQL Agent alerts configured without operator notifications.
  • Even if @CheckUserDatabaseObjects was set to 0, some user database object checks were being done.
  • Check 48 for untrusted foreign keys now just returns one line per database that has the issue rather than listing every foreign key individually. For the full list of untrusted keys, run the query in the finding’s URL.

Download and run sp_Blitz® now.

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  1. Am now raising questions with my tape backup admin regarding the A attribute flag. Another great webcast, thanks!

  2. the register servers is so greate!!!! Thanks a lot

  3. 1 question about register servers …
    the queries will be in server level….
    can i run somthing in lots of DB’s in multi servers in DataBase level like this feature?

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