Right after the DBA says “Uh oh,” they call in the consultants. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen, but here’s the worst of it: some of these things are probably happening in your environment right now. If you’re a production DBA of any experience level, do yourself a favor and look for these common mistakes before they call in the consultants.

In this 30-minute video, we’ll discuss heaps, fill factor, maintenance plans, over-indexing, and the Database Tuning Advisor’s stupidity so you can learn what you’re doing wrong before your boss has to hear it from the outsider:

The links we discuss in the video:

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Brent Ozar
I make Microsoft SQL Server faster and more reliable. I love teaching, travel, and laughing.

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  1. Some eye opening stuff in there, great video!

    Do you have the poll results so that I can compare against the rest of the community.


  2. Thanks for the video. Took some notes and added a few scripts to my library.

    Would of been great if the poll votes were included in the video.

  3. Hi Brent,

    Where would you recommend to put the SP’s for Ola.Hallengreens indexOptimise scripts as the default is master. I’m pretty sure in a blitzscript by yourself before you recmommended not to put SP in master database’s. Would msdb be the perfect place?

  4. Great! so much to check, right now I’m deploying and testing the maintenance solution you recommended… thanks!

  5. Great as always. One question, would rebuidling table indexs update all the Statistics for that table including system generated Statistics?

    • Thanks! Rather than answering, I’ll challenge YOU to answer that. Could you build a quick experiment to answer that question in your own environment using DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS? Finding it out yourself might be the start of a fun adventure with SQL internals!

  6. Brent – this is awesome… i benefited a lot from your site!! bravo!! keep up the good work!

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