PASS Summit 2013 Location: Charlotte, NC!


This morning, the Professional Association for SQL Server announced that the annual Summit will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.  For the last 5 years, it’s been held in Seattle, and PASS members have protested.  We wanted the Summit to move around from place to place to make it easier for other people to attend and to let us see some different scenery.  (I mean really, how many years can we try to talk our spouses into going to Seattle in the fall when it’s cold and rainy?)  This year, it’s moving!  I’m so happy to hear this.

You can read the announcement at

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  • I’m not sure everyone will enjoy Charlotte. I used to live in NC. The downtown (they call it uptown) rolls up the sidewalks at 5pm. There’s no night life at all. and USAir has 97% of the flights at the Airport, which drives up the airfare prices. Seattle is a much cooler city than Charlotte.

    • You just described 99% of the PASS attendees. Sounds like the perfect fit. 😉

      • The way the airline industry works, who knows if USAir will still be its own entity in 2013!

        • Todd Everett
          May 20, 2011 7:48 am

          When did Paul last live in NC – 1995? The “uptown” is very vibrant these days. It will be wonderful to have this great event close to home for me and a few hours flight instead of a coast to coast for all of those in the east. Thanks Brent for sharing the news!

    • Paul,
      In any situations, and locations not everyone will enjoy a location. Seattle, Charlotte, New York, Chicago, Dallas or Baton Rouge. I have never been on Pass Summit but from my perspective – from Poland – city in US is not biggest problem – The Atlantic is first 🙂 Night Life will happen! I’m sure – and will not depends on existing fun place.
      I hope that attendees will enjoy this event anyway 🙂

  • Live In Asheville NC for years, went to school at Western Carolina University, and traveled all over the state.

    I think Charlotte is a FANTASTIC choice! You are right ouside of the foothills of the mountians in FALL, you have Carowinds Amusement Park during the Halloween themed events staying open late!

    Charlotte has music and clubs, and I’m sure quite a few venues for SQL Karaoke.

    And talk about sights, 2 hours away you have the Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC, you have the outter banks nearby, you’ve got one of the BBQ capitols of the US, Man vs. Food did a great tour of the Raliegh Durham Triangle.

    Charlotte has a great airport, in October you’ve still got Football and Basket Ball, of which Charolette has teams.

    There is litterally a plethora of things to do, in the city and nearby.

    I think this will be a great summit location come 2013

  • @Paul – You must have moved away more than 10 years ago, because I live in Charlotte and there is a ton to do after hours now. Weekends are def. more lively than weeknights though. The Epicentre (right next to Time Warner Arena) is an entire block of clubs, bars, and restaurants.

    I def. won’t argue that USAir is a terrible airline with high prices and bad customer service.

  • w00t!!!! Charlotte is only 1 hour away! That rocks!

  • Sounds awesome. I don’t care for night life, but I do prefer warm weather.


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