I’m on RunAsRadio Talking SQL Azure and SSDs


At the Connections conference in Orlando, I had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Campbell, host of RunAs Radio, and talk shop.  I love conversations with Richard because he gets to travel and touch all kinds of cool systems, so as a result we end up jumping off-topic all over the place, talking about the neat stuff we’ve seen and the way it changes IT jobs.

In the podcast, we talked about the two extremes of IT: seems like half the people are excited to cut their costs by going to the cloud, and the other half are excited to raise their performance by switching to solid state drives.  No matter which way you want to go, databases (and database performance tuning) techniques are changing.

Head over to RunAsRadio.com and listen.  Enjoy!

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  • thanks for the link. i thought you owned your own consulting practice now. why does this say Quest?

  • Interesting conversation. We are actually looking at Fusion-IO right now. Lots of $ but our app is occasionally causing IO contention for other apps on the SAN. This is one way to isolate the high IO app and gain performance at the same time. Large DB, GUID clustered keys, etc. You may remember it 😉 You help devs make some significant improvements but it still can be a challenge at time.

  • Where you been man ? No more 5 posts a week. .. Busy with that consulting gig I guess lol

    Cool resource as always …


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