For the folks from out of town, I’ve set up public access for my webcam.  Here’s a live shot of Snowpocalypse 2011:

Where's BrentO?

Live Snowpocalypse Webcam

Just kidding.  Here’s the real webcams:

(Update Feb 3 – now offline since the snowpocalypse is over.)

The username is operator, password operator.  Here’s shots as of 1PM so you can see if visibility drops:

Office Webcam

Office Webcam

Living Room Webcam

Living Room Webcam

I really like these little webcams for the price – under $100 from Amazon.  They’ve served me well over the last year.  We originally bought ’em to watch our dog Ernie when we went on vacation and to make sure our dogsitter was coming at the right times.  The features include:

  • WiFi or wired Ethernet support
  • Motorized pan & tilt
  • Automatically switches to infrared at night (and the night vision, though black & white, works surprisingly well)
  • Streams live video AND works with iPhones & iPads!  We watched Ernie from the cruise ship in Alaska.
  • Motion detection – can automatically upload images to an FTP server when things move in the frame
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  1. Thanks Brent! This is actually useful to me since I live in the area as well. I’m just north of you up the coast of Lake Michigan in Evanston by the NW campus and it’s snowing/blowing here as well. Your webcam gives me an idea of how long I should stay at work before bolting for home 🙂

  2. Uhhh, all I can see from your office cam is the reflection off the window… turn your lights off 🙂

    I’m between Milwaukee and Chicago, and so far it’s turning out to be as nasty as predicted!

  3. That’s sweet Brent. I love Chicago!

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