Happy One Year Anniversary, #SQLHelp!


One year ago today, #SQLHelp was born. Aaron Nelson (Blog@SQLVariant) had the brilliant idea to set up a hash tag on Twitter that anyone could use whenever they had a question.  I thought it was sheer genius, so I explained how to use #SQLhelp on my blog, and it took off.

These days, I love watching questions – and answers – trickle through #SQLHelp at all hours of the day.  It’s just another example of how the SQL Server community is vibrant, helpful, and everywhere.

If you’re on Twitter, join me in thanking @SQLVariant not just for #SQLHelp, but for everything he does for the SQL Server, PowerShell, and SQLSaturday communities.

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  • I love watching #SQLHelp. I find I learn so much (unintentionally) just as those conversations evolve through the day.

  • Thank you Aaron aka @SQLVariant! It has been a great way to get help and help others.

  • As someone who lurks most of the time (every now and then I see a question BEFORE it’s answered!) I have learned so much from just reading the questions and following the rabbit trail from the answers.

    Thanks to the whole #SQLHELP community!

    and special Thanks to Aaron and Brent for making it happen.

    Happy Anniversary!

  • AndyG (@DBA_ANDY)
    December 17, 2010 10:44 am

    One of the greatest things about my new Android phone is the ability to watch Twitter (including #sqlhelp) during the day in my locked-down-no-social-networking-even-if-it-is-work-related cubicle. #sqlhelp was a great idea – thanks @sqlvariant (and @BrentO for publicizing it!)

  • Don’t forget the #sqlhelp Daily which is published daily @ http://paper.li/tag/sqlhelp. This Daily contains the links from #sqlhelp tweets.

    Happy Anniversary #sqlhelp!

  • Wow, in some ways it’s hard to believe that #sqlhelp has been around for a year already, yet in others it seems like it’s been around forever. Once you’ve used it, you wonder how you found answers before it.

    Thanks Aaron for the idea and Brent for promoting it.

  • All the time I have active column with #sqlhelp tag in my TweetDeck!

    I agree with you Brent:
    …It’s just another example of how the SQL Server community is vibrant, helpful, and everywhere…

  • Congrats and Many thanks! You Aaron and whole SQLHelp community.


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