Proof that CPU Power Matters

At least one person was paying attention when I recently blogged about the problems running SQL Server on power-saving processors.  One of my clients, the Northwestern Medical Data Warehouse, decided to check out the settings on their brand-new IBM x3850.  Sure enough, they were set to save power by default, so they tweaked that and tried Geekbench again.  They got great results – so good, in fact, that they just had to post ’em to the public Geekbench results board:

Geekbench Results After CPU Tweaks
Geekbench Results After CPU Tweaks

After making the tweaks, they’re #1 on the Geekbench results chart!  Think your server can beat it?  Download the free Geekbench testing tool and see how you do.  Of course, correct those power settings first.

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