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Bob Pusateri (Blog@SQLBob) just posted his Bucket List – the list of things he wants to do before he kicks the bucket.  Aaron Bertrand followed up with his. If you haven’t seen the movie The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I’d highly recommend it.  Immediately after seeing that movie, I started assembling my own bucket list, and I’ve been gradually crossing off items ever since.

Here’s the uncompleted items on my bucket list:

Take a road racing class – I’ve always been fascinated by race cars.  Ironically, I drive really slowly on public roads, rarely getting a speeding ticket, but I still love going fast.  I want to take a multi-day course by Skip Barber or Bob Bondurant.

Crossing the Chicago Mac Sailboat Race off my bucket list
Crossing the Chicago Mac Sailboat Race off my bucket list

Drive a Porsche 911 on a twisty road – I don’t really wanna own a 911 because the maintenance costs are crazy, I’d rarely use the performance, and downtown Chicago parking is expensive.  Another parking spot would cost me $300-$400 per month.  I’d like to just have a great driving experience with a 911, though, and only after taking the road racing class.

Visit Tokyo – I’ve traveled the world and seen almost every city I’ve ever wanted to see, but Tokyo still calls to me.  I like the density, the strange cultural differences, and everything else I’ve learned about Tokyo.

Take everyone in our family on a cruise – not all at once, but individually.  I’ve taken Mom, Dad, and Caryl (my stepmom) so far.  Next up – my sister & crew (her husband, their son), then it’s over to Erika’s side of the family.

Have the #1 highest rated session at a conference – I’m not competitive.  It’s not about being better than anybody else – it’s just about being as good as I can possibly be.  I made the Best of the 2009 PASS Summit list with my high availability & disaster recovery session at #8, but something in me really wants to be el numero uno.

Retire while I’m young enough to enjoy it – after all, that’s what this is all about, right?  I don’t want to work until I’m dead.  I love what I do – and I mean, I really, really love it – but I could stay busy for the rest of my life doing things that aren’t on this list (but *are* on my GTD list).  I’d like to learn more about architecture, engineering, wine, writing, snorkeling, photography, and boats.  I don’t want to change the world, but I want to appreciate more of the wonderful, amazing things happening around me every day.

If you haven’t built a bucket list, go rent the movie, and start making your list.  Work can wait.  It’ll be there when you get back.

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  • Awesome Porsche goal! I have a similar one I should have included on my list, except it involves a BMW M5…

  • Owning a 911, I can say that maintenance isn’t crazy. Things definitely cost more, and my last oil change was $140, but you do it less. They’re built to last. In owning mine for 3 years, I can say that it doesn’t really cost me more than the other cars. Course, haven’t broken anything major.

  • Also, if you want to do road racing sometimes, we should talk. I’m tempted to try one at Pikes Peak raceway down south.

    I made my list here, which needs redoing:

  • I couldn’t really care less about a Porsche or a M5 (well, if I get a chance to drive one – I won’t avoid it at all). But there are more important things than that. Furthermore, before my bucket time comes, I’d like to know that 3/4 of the world does not deal with basic survival matters on a daily basis as it is now. Instead, I would like to see that the entire mankind stands way beyond survival, has abundance of resources: food, water and unlimited access to knowledge.

    I would love to have this on my bucket list. Have I done anything about it, though?

  • Brent – +1 for the Porsche driving. I was at the right place at the right time a few years back. My boss had a Porsche Turbo, we’d just finished part of a system migration and had to wait on an external company. He turned to the IT guys and said: “Who wants a drive?” I went outside with him, expecting to sit shotgun and him to blast onto the autobahn – WRONG! He threw me the keys, told me NOT to slip the clutch and only to stamp on the brakes (ceramic brakes only like on or off, no halves!).

    That was a five minute experience I will never forget.

    Like you say, driving a porsche (maybe more than 5 minutes) is great, owning one not so.

  • Awesome Bucket List! Tokyo is on mine as well. Also would like to visit Vienna. I’m going to have to go off now and make my list! LOL

  • I have written about “Bucket List” in my other blog ( but I still don’t have one. I’ll watch the movie you recommended and see if that helps me to come up with an interesting bucket list 🙂

  • I’ve got the Porsche, and they definitely don’t cost a ton in maintenance. Any item is $$$$, but it’s so well built that you don’t end up with as much maintenance. If you ever leave the city, get one.

    Or come visit me and we can check your insurance and work something out 😉

    My list is in progress, though I have an old one here:

  • If you would move to Houston from Chi town you would be all set to get your Porsche. Between the lower cost of living and the not having to pay for parking space you will have plenty of money for it.

    More importantly Ernie would love walking around Memorial Park’s 3 mile loop.

    • I lived in Houston for years. Houston was where I gave up owning cars with a stick shift because the traffic is so bad. There’s nowhere fun to drive unless you get 30-40 miles out of town, and at that point, you’re frustrated with the traffic already. (sigh)

  • Brent, next time you’re in Texas, let me know. I instruct with various high-performance driving groups, including the Porsche club, and I can arrange some rides in 911s or pretty much any other Porsche, on the racetrack. Texas World Speedway is a nice high-speed track about 1.5 hours outside of Houston.

    Or, you can come for a ride in my Evo, and we can pass most of the Porsches out there. 🙂

  • Tokyo rocks! I *heart* Tokyo! Just went there last summer, and I already miss it. So many places to see! Cant wait to go back 🙂

    If you do go to Tokyo, and if you like sushi/sashimi, make sure you go to the Tsukiji Market and look for Sushi Dai. I have to tell you – we were up at 4AM, trying to line up at 5AM for a Sashimi breakfast – twice! It’s that good!

    Although – Im not sure if I will recommend going to summer. It was way too hot. Maybe spring, or early summer, is a better option. Otherwise you’ll melt with the heat and humidity.


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