Here’s some of the most popular stuff on the SQLServerPedia stream this week:

The Missing Speakers – Did you know PASS doesn’t actually control who speaks at the PASS Summit?  This one floored me – Microsoft speakers are selected by Microsoft, not by PASS.  If there’s a Microsoft speaker you want to hear – like Buck Woody, Cindy Gross, or Jimmy May – make your voice heard by commenting on Jeremiah’s blog.  He’s a member of the PASS Board of Directors, and he may be able to help fix this issue.

The Truth About Cursors Part 3 – T-SQL genius Brad Schulz exposes an interesting optimization in SQL Server 2008: “When I insert 1 million rows into a temp table without a ‘#’ prefix, it creates 1,000,078 Log Records. But inserting rows into the temp table with a ‘#’ prefix never brings the Log Record Count higher than 400 or so.”  But are cursors invited to the party?

SQL University: Database Testing – learn why you should test your database, and the basics of what database testing means.

Deprecated Features in SQL Server 2008 R2 – things you might want to start avoiding, like sp_dboption, SET ROWCOUNT, and SQLmail.

Keeping Track of Root Nodes in a Hierarchy – got one of those tables that refers back to itself for parent/child relationships?  Check out this tip from Michael Swart.

Should I Use RAID 5? – SQL and storage guru Denny Cherry writes about when he recommends each flavor of RAID.  His recent post on joining multiple fiber switches is also good – most of us don’t have to dive that deeply into storage, but if I was you, I’d start poking around.  Your SAN admins probably don’t have this stuff under control.

You got your query on my server! You got your temp table on my server! – Lori Edwards discovers why temp tables and linked servers are a lot less appetizing than chocolate and peanut butter.

Amazon Management Console and MySQL – the Amazon Web Services offers a Relational Database Service.  It’s like an easy-to-scale MySQL in the cloud with a built-in DBA who handles some basics for you.  Check out this post on how easy it is to launch a database, and think what that might mean for DBAs down the road.

NoSQL Basics for Database Administrators – my post explaining why businesses are checking out NoSQL and cloud database solutions, and why SQL Server and Oracle might not be good fits for these.

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