Here’s some of the highest rated blog posts and articles on SQLServerPedia:

PASS and Community News

24 Hours of PASS is Coming – have you registered for this all-day free event yet?

PASS Call to Speakers open – Jason Strate tells you why you should submit a session.  I think he uses my name just to flatter me into posting his link.  It apparently worked.

How to Submit a Winning Abstract – a presentation to help you get your own presentation accepted.  If yours is accepted, your registration is frrrrrree.

Microsoft MVP Newsgroups Closed – and replaced with an email list.  We went from 1980s technology to 1990s.  Tom LaRock points out that Microsoft has this other neat little thing called SharePoint and asks why we’re not using that.

What Jeremiah Peschka Does on the Board of Directors – been thinking about running for the Board?  This will give you a little insight into what a member does.
SQLCruise 2010

SQLSaturday Atlanta Wrap-Up – Stuart Ainsworth shares his lessons learned from planning the event.  If my readers knock his site over, you can read the SQLServerPedia syndicated post.

SQLCruise News

Interviews with Cruisers – we’ve posted interviews with Dave Levy, Karen Lopez, and Yanni Smith about why they’re cruising with us.

Why Pay for Training on SQLCruise? – with all this free training, why pay money?  Learn why longer sessions with fewer attendees means better training.

SQL Server News

Refresh Your Views with sp_refreshview – after upgrading SQL Server versions, Tom LaRock says to call this stored proc. I had never even *heard* of it before this post.

How to Tell When SQL Server Started – Joe Webb shows how to check the login time of spid 1.  Brilliant!

Listen Up! I’m on the Virtumania Podcast – why, yes I am.

Links for Getting Started with PowerShell – Dave Levy put together a bunch of good links in one spot.  (Side note: if you want to blog but you’re tempted to plagiarize a whitepaper or link to “help the community”, this style of blog entry is much better.  You’re actually doing the community a service with this.)

Junk Drawer

Source Code Comment Hall of Shame – the best and worst comments compiled on StackOverflow.

Facebook Adding Location Features – I understand why they’re doing it as a business, but as a user, Facebook feels more and more like the old MySpace every day.  I don’t use MySpace anymore.  Might be a lesson there.

Google Chrome Speed Tests – comparing Chrome’s rendering speed to a potato gun, sound waves (although they’re not really sound), and lightning.  I seriously don’t understand why anyone in their right mind still uses Internet Explorer.  But you know what the coolest thing is?  The potato gun page is, which is managed by DBA Yanni Smith – who will be on SQLCruise!

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