SQL Server in the Cloud article at Dr. Dobb’s Journal

When You Care Enough to Spend The Very Least
When You Care Enough to Spend The Very Least

Dr. Dobb’s Journal just published an article of mine about SQL Server in the cloud.  In it, I cover:

  • The full espresso-strength option for SQL in the cloud
  • The “instant coffee” version that might just meet your needs
  • Two real world use cases – one that needed espresso, and one that ended up with Nescafe

You can read the article, and then let me know what you think here.  (They don’t have discussions on articles.)

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  • Hi Brent,

    I was wondering if you had any insight to the current state of database performance with the new Server/Sql 2008 options at Amazon EC2. You had an article a while back which criticized the performance of Sql 2005 on the 2003 servers they had, saying that the throughput was the equivalent of running your db off a thumb-drive. It appears like they’re trying to address some of the previous limitations of Windows on EC2 (server version, boot drive, etc.) and I was wondering if this translated to performance benefits.


    • Rob – good question. I’ve been curious about that myself, but since it costs money to ramp up a new server and do performance testing, I haven’t bothered. I’ve been waiting until I see word from them that there’s a better-performing storage subsystem available, or that they’ve improved it somehow. Have you seen anything to that effect?

      • Not to be overly analytical about the new server options, but they do in fact “feel” zippier. It’s definitely cool to see how fast they boot and even cooler that they can sit idle and uncharged in the stopped state. Neither of these perks address day-to-day operations however.

        Maybe in the New Year I could provide the server(s) and you could provide the skill(s) or at least direction to dig into it a little more.

        Thanks for < 1 min. reply,


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