#SQLBingo: Meet nice people and learn their safewords.


Stuart Ainsworth (BlogTwitter) had a killer idea: what if we had a Twitter bingo at the PASS Summit?  We could print cards ahead of time, and attendees would run around the Summit trying to meet the celebritweeps.  Next thing you know, #SQLBingo was born.  Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Before you go to Seattle, print out 3 #SQLBingo cards.

Go to http://sqlserverpedia.com/bingo and print the page three times.  If you don’t like the Twitter folks pictured on your card, just hit refresh, and you’ll be greeted with another random group chosen from folks who volunteered on Stuart’s blog.

If you forget your #SQLBingo cards, you can pick up a set at the PASS booth.

Step 2: Look for your tweeps and line ’em up.

Search out “The Squares,” as we call ’em, as you wander around the Summit.  Each Square has a private code word.  Ask for their code word, and write it down in their #SQLBingo card space.

Just like normal bingo, you need a different pattern each day:

  • Tuesday – straight line in any direction (all 5 squares)
  • Wednesday – two straight lines in any direction (9 or 10 squares)
  • Thursday – blackout (all squares covered)

To make it easier, code words don’t change each day, so when you get someone’s code word you should fill it in on all 3 of your cards.  They don’t have to sign your card – just fill in the code word.

Step 3: Each day, turn in your card.

When you’ve got the right pattern, deposit your card in the PASS booth.  Each evening, we’ll draw winners for prizes like $50 gift cards and a free pair of bingo wings.  Winners will be notified by email, so get your name & email right on the bottom of your bingo card.

You don’t have to be on Twitter to win, but it might help.  If you’re wondering where to find these people, you can search Twitter for #SQLbingo.  The Squares are encouraged to randomly tweet their location with the #SQLBingo tag, which will make it easier for everyone else to track ’em down.

In my PASS sessions, at the Quest breakfast session on Wednesday, and at the Virtualization Virtual Chapter breakfast on Thursday morning, I’ll ask all of the Squares in attendance to stand up, thereby making it even easier for you to throw things at them get their safe word get their code word.

That’s the part I’m most excited about – hearing everybody’s choice of code word!  I’ve already heard a couple of hilarious ones.

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