I’m on vacation today – taking Erika to see her favorite opera in Nashville. Road trip!

SQL Server Links

Paul Randal talks Logging – anytime this guy talks about the database engine, you need to read it: he’s a former Microsoft developer who wrote some of these engine features.

Filtered Indexes Tutorial – Michelle Ufford explains this slick SQL Server 2008 feature.

Analyze Your Indexes – the third part in a three-part series.  I haven’t digested these yet and I can tell already that I’ll be coming back to these.

Cold Calls – in which SQLBatman tries cold calling his coworkers to sell them database solutions.

Listing the Central Management Servers Programatically – Buck Woody shows where the CMS data is kept.

SQL Resources for Compliance – I gave a session on SQL 2008 compliance this week at the SSWUG Virtual Conference, and these resources tie in well with that presentation.

SQLBatman’s Book Recommendations – it’s hard to get good book reviews of SQL Server books. SQLBatman and I have some similar tastes in books. He turned me on to Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, and as good as that was, I’ll follow any of his book tips from here on out.

Cloud and Virtualization Links

VMware vSphere came out this week.  I sat through an unbelievably cheesy 90-minute keynote, and I’m not going to bore you with the details because it’s not out yet.  The two things you need to know: they’re aiming for 100% datacenter virtualization, including big SQL Server and Oracle servers, and they’ve got a neat fault tolerance feature that looks easier to implement than SQL Server clusters.

Storage Changes in vSphere – okay, so there is one thing you want to know: the high-end versions of VMware’s vSphere includes some slick storage tools that ordinarily cost a lot of money.

Live Migration and Host Clustering will be Free in Hyper-V – competition rocks. It forces both vendors to build better stuff faster and sell it cheaper.

Junk Drawer



Jay Lee does tilt-shift photos of Houston – I love these.  I have no idea how they work.  I just love ’em.

Why I Dislike Newsgroups – amen. Newsgroups suck.

SQLAgentMan’s Rock Band Versions – after he saw a Penny Arcade comic about Rock Band Nirvana, he was inspired.

Installing Windows 7 via a USB key – useful if you want to install it on a netbook.

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